Yeah, June is a murderer. She poisoned all those commanders but her efforts were in vain because they still ended up getting caught. And Nick was her captor. He says he is trying to keep her alive, but how so in an environment like that. It’s an all-out war between June and Gilead. But for now, Gilead is in the running because the handmaids have been caught and are on their way back inside. But what will happen? The biggest thing the handmaids have going for themselves is that they are in fact handmaids. They can have kids. That is the only thing keeping them alive at this point. Nothing else. Call it their saving grace. But how far can they push that protection? They detest June, even now more so than ever, because she got those babies out.

Nick is trying to reason with her, strike a bargain so to speak. And Nick is a Commander now. Commander Blayne. That is a shock. They keep elevating his position and it makes me wonder why? He loves June, not sure he does a good job of hiding it. It’s obvious that she loves him too, but that could be a tool to use against her. Just like Hannah. And now June has to suffer the consequences of those actions. But some consequences are just too steep in price. But then again I am sure that they didn’t predict a reaction like that. Gilead decides to torture the location of the other handmaids out of her. Starting with waterboarding. And look who is having a bit of trouble handling it Aunt Lydia, who basically became an aunt because her heart got broken.

Luke finds out that June was captured and it just makes him feel helpless. But he has never been a part of the Gilead lifestyle. It must be extremely frustrating, on top of having to deal with your wife’s love child. Honestly it low key pisses me off how they are all pissed at June like she asked to be kidnapped and raped and had to adapt to extreme and adverse conditions. Moira should be more understanding than anyone. But on the same token, she had a few chances to make a break for it and she didn’t. Her reasons are understandable, especially as a mother I can relate. I am not sure I could have left my child. But on the same token, planning on the outside may have been better than planning on the inside. Since we’re committing crimes, let’s go all out.

Various forms of torture are used to get June to reveal the location. But she remains strong and silent, even when her comrades are being killed in front of her. And everyone has to deal with her actions as well both in and outside of Gilead. It’s hard for everyone but at least some are free while having to deal with the bad things. Life continues to go on. And they prepare themselves for the “what comes next”. However, one has to understand that Gilead has an agenda. Nothing they say or do can be trusted. And they use their biggest card against June, Hannah. And all her strength goes out the door. And they will hurt Hannah to get the handmaids back. Resolve is gone. Then she gets to see her daughter. But June is a stranger to her and in fact, they have turned Hannah against her. Is Hannah lost to her? Will she still try and fight to get Hannah back. Hannah is extremely fragile right now. I don’t know about yall, but I would be plotting DESTRUCTION. A curse on BOTH YOUR HOUSES. She betrays the handmaids. There are 7 of them left now. June and 6 others.

Gilead is arrogant, they think that they have won. June wants to die but to her utter and total dismay, she is to be put right back into handmaid duty. The 7 of them will be sent to a Magdalene Colony, a breeding colony. Aunty Lydia is using a little psychology on her and tells her to accept the blame ad her fate. Back in red, they all go. She heads to meet up with the rest of the handmaids but sees Nick. They have a moment and it seems to me that she is saying goodbye to him because there is no telling what the future will bring. And it all starts with a train.

They give each other knowing looks and it’s just them and Aunty Lydia and she looks uncomfortable, to say the least. Who will make the first move, June of course and the make a break. The need to cross the tracks before the train comes, because it will take a while for it to cross. But unfortunately, freedom is too far away. And the armed guard decides to open fire. Now, we are down to 5 handmaids. The guard takes out one more and the train takes out two. Now, it’s only June and Janine that are alive and they run for it. The episode ends with flashbacks of when they were first taken. All the girls are either dead now or have escaped. I hope Janine lives. She deserves it. Sarah, Elie, Briana, Alma, Janine, Moira and June….