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The kid is out. The kid is out of jail and things are getting even weirder in Castle Rock. The most recent episode of Hulu’s Castle Rock was also its best so far of the season. With a lot of plot building and tons of mystery and intrigue — and also a fun easter egg from the King universe.

When Henry gets the kid out of jail he takes him to get mentally tested. They inform him that his memories will come back naturally once he’s back into his surroundings. Unfortunately, that’s not where he was going to go and Henry wants him to go to a hospital, but they wouldn’t be able to admit him for a couple of days. He ends up staying at Molly’s office and Molly and Henry tell him to stay inside for a few days. Of course, he doesn’t and starts wandering around the city. He ends up going to a families house who seem to be happy and celebrating their babies birthday. He goes into their house and everything changes. Suddenly, what seemed to be a happy occasion quickly turned much more anger filled. My assumption is that his presence made them turn against each other.

Castle Rock
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So the next day, Jackie Torrance (we will come back to this), ends up taking him out and calls Molly for help when he wanders off again.  This time he is on the top of a building looking like he is going to jump. Molly arrives and listens to his thoughts. “He feels wrong” is what she ends up telling Henry — which could be the understatement of the season — and she ends up telling him about her abilities. The two of them appear to be getting closer which is really nice and quite natural and not being forced down our throats.

The kid ends up staying at Henry’s house for the night, with Henry putting him up in what looks to be garage or an office of some sort. The kid goes for a stroll through the woods and runs into Alan Pangborn where we get some backstory into the first time the two characters met. The kid denies being the devil,  asking Pangborn if he knows what’s really going on in Castle Rock. It’s nice to see Skarsgard character finally getting some depth and is getting pretty interesting to say the least.

Another interesting plotline is the town was dedicating a bridge to Alan Pangborn for his years of dedicated service as sheriff. Everything seemed to be going fine until Alan noticed Ruth was no longer there. She was standing on the bridge and jumped before Henry could reach her. It was kind of random, but I feel it will play a bigger part to come.

Castle Rock
Photo Source: Castle Rock, IMDb

The fun bit from this week is we finally find out why there is a character named Jackie Torrance. When I first heard this name I have to admit, my eyes rolled so far around I think I missed some of that episode. But now they have given us some context for it. Jackie Torrance is the niece of Jack Torrance the character from the popular book The Shinning. She had changed her name to Jackie some time ago and that’s why. One mystery solved. Now if only we could figure out what the hell is going on in this town then we will be all set. Only time will tell.

Do you have any theories as to what is going to happen? Is the kid the actually the devil?

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