Before we jump right into a review of the season premiere. And if you can get over your frustration lol, like me. Let’s take a look at who’s left. Honestly, this is a good show, a little draggy at times, but it’s one of those shows you can’t tear your eyes from. Cause if you’re like me, you’re wondering when are they going to finally get their ultimate revenge. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see because it seems that Handmaid’s Tale is getting a season 5. So, maybe we will get to see it then.

Returning is our main character and protagonist June Osborn also known as Offred and now OfJoseph. We know June sacrificed herself and was shot so that the children could get away. And they did, but June could not free Hannah. Serena Joy, remember she is basically the grand creator of this here world. But then she was silenced herself. Now, her only goal is to get a baby. And she almost had one, but June is about that life. Nichole is gone, sent to Canada to be taken care of by her husband Luke. Moira and Emily are also there as well, and there is obvious tension. We did get a little triumph last seson with Serena and Fred being arrested. They each have a whole slew of charges, but they quickly turn on one another. That was a joy to watch.

Let me ease your mind, June was shot but she is alive, only barely. She was patched up by her fellow handmaids as they made their escape to a safe house. Always the martyr, she steps out front first. But things may not be as they seem and it may only be temporary. Back in Gilead, Aunt Lydia is no worse for wear. Looking emaciated and battered, she is held responsible because well, who else can they blame? The handmaids are on the run. And Gilead wants them back. Who will win this game of cat and mouse. And unfortunately they are still in Gilead. And not sure if they next person offering help will be friend or foe. Its hard to predict what will happen in this show, which is a good thing. But first, June has to survive this gun shot wound. Even still she is hell bent on getting Hannah back. Which is why she will not leave. But she can also be used as a weapon.

This new house and residents are a strange sort. But its a change of scenery for the girls as they adjust to farm life. There seems to be a slight ease to their constant tension and worries, but they shouldn’t get too comfortable. Its almost easy to believe this is a period show until, we hop on over to Canada and realize the modern world still exists. Its got to be getting hard on Luke and Moira, having to care for a child that is not his, while his wife and child are stuck in a backwards society where rape and kidnapping are praised and even encouraged. But remember, this is a society where having babies is almost non existent and child bearing women are worth their weight in gold. This is why they want them back alive no matter what crimes they committed against Gilead. And June, she is public enemy #1, but she can have babies. She is their double edge sword.

Gilead may be ruthless but so are the handmaids. They are trying to remain free and will do whatever it takes to keep that freedom. They are MayDay and they will fight, but the how and the when is a little vague. And Gilead is hot on their heels wanting both the handmaids and the kids back. But not all agree that the kids should come back. If Gilead can bend a little maybe then, they could be better accepted. But as we can see from the trial of Aunt Lydia, how they feel about the handmaids and how they feel about the kids.