“Reign defeated you, don’t you remember?”

The episode begins with Kara trapped in a coma, apparently lasting for 2 days. Brainy made his awkward entrance into the fold as he detailed her predicament. When the truth hits, Kara is furious, trying to break out of her loft.

Kara does have to stay and heal inside the Legion’s pod for now, if she is to regain her strength back.

Every time either Kate McGrath or Odette Annabelle are on screen, I completely lose focus. Their beauty is far too distracting from the plot at hand.

“Show them what justice really is.” This awakening business seems rather misconstrued. Then again, declaring war against criminality in National City is quite ballsy.

The episode was great. I got to witness the fierce way that Reign operates. She makes for a formidable foe. I mean, she flew into the Catco work space to deliver a message and later literally smash through a wall. She simply knows how to gain attention with all her villainous swagger.

Mon-el and his wife whose name I keep forgetting assisted J’onn and Alex in taking down Reign. Their first attempts weren’t successful, but when Kara escaped from her subconscious after remembering her identity as Kara Danvers, Supergirl was able to subdue Reign with a syringe of Kryptonite.

The conclusion of the episode revealed there are more Worldkillers like Reign out in the universe. The writing of the scene here made good work of creating tension as more villainous characters come out of the woodwork during this season.

I had to mention the hysterical moment when James lied to Lena about Kara being sick. Because seeing J’onn become Kara and talk about their experiences kissing James was too funny. But James and Lena have no chemistry. Kara and Lena’s chemistry is much stronger.