As I have mentioned in the previous article in this series, Lego Masters is a beloved show in our household. Season two boasts that this will be the most outstanding season of all, increasing bricks from three million to five and demanding more grandiose builds. The builders have made it their mission to topple the competition from the get-go and show up the winners from last season.

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Builders

Before we get down to the builds of the week, we should take a look at this year’s competitors.

Team MembersRelationship
Zack and WayneBrothers
Mark and StevenBrothers
Caleb and JacobBrothers
Jack and DawnSiblings
Bryan and LaurenSiblings
Zach and TimSon-Father
Maria and PhilipMarried Couple
Dave and RichardFriends
Paras and MotoFriends
Syreeta and RandalFriends
Natalie and MichelleFriends
Susan and JenFriends
A table of teams and their relationships.

The Builds

The first build of the season was parade-themed! Participants were tasked with creating a float with a mechanical aspect. These floats had to represent the team and show off their unique personalities. All of this had to be done in 14 hours, and I have to say, these teams came out swinging!

Zack and WayneSoaring Dragon
Mark and StevenThe World Serpent
Caleb and JacobA Lifelong Expedition
Jack and DawnKelsey’s Butterfly
Bryan and LaurenSibling Storytime
Zach and TimFour Seasons
Maria and PhilipBedtime Story
Dave and RichardIconic Eats
Paras and MotoPresent Day
Syreeta and RandalJourney Through The Elements
Natalie and MichelleColour-Splosion
Susan and JenBecoming
A table with the participants and their builds.

The Favorites and Least Favorites

With every competition comes the dreaded judging period. This week, judges Jamie and Amy decided teams Zack and Wayne along with Mark and Steven were in the top two. In contrast, pairs Susan and Jen, as well as Maria and Philip, were at the bottom. Luckily, because this was the first episode, no one was sent home, and viewers will be able to see what these builders have up their sleeve. The winners of this episode were Zack and Wayne; they received the coveted Golden Brick, acting as a lifeline in future episodes. Overall, this was a riveting episode of Lego Masters and I am excited to see where the builders take future episodes!