Tis the season to watch holiday specials and this one was kind of disappointing. Bob’s Burgers usually delivers quality holiday specials for not only Christmas but Thanksgiving, Halloween and Valentines Day. This episode not only wasn’t the focus of any holidays (other then the side story) but was filled with so many plot holes that if it wasn’t for the occasional comedy, there would be little good to say.

Bob's Burgers (Better of Sled 1)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

First of all, we want to say that it takes a lot to make a show (personally, I respect all those who put so much quality work into them) so its always nice to look for the positives but when little things keep piling up then its just a matter of opinion. When it come to Bob’s Burgers, the show is often broken into two segments. We have a main story and a side story containing the left over characters. The main story starts off with a heavy snowfall that entices the Belcher children to go sledding with their friends. It was with the next twist that this episode started to lose us. Logan Bush, a reoccurring character who is often a rival to Louise, is having a snowball fight with his friends at the only hill in the park. The fact that this particular spot is where they choose to be just didn’t feel right as it is a little flat spot on a hill opposed to the whole park. Plus, how long did they plan on having a snow ball fight between four people because that seems like it would get old fast considering the few players and little area covered. Furthermore, these boys should be aged somewhere between sixteen and eighteen so why they all feel the need to pick on young kids in the first place is beyond us (Logan is one thing but the other boys seemed a little more sensible at times…).

Bob's Burgers (Better of Sled 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

With things as they are now, the group of kids realized they needed to come up with a plan to get rid of the high school boys. Regular Sized Rudy chimes in and says that his cousin lives near by and could use her skills to help them. This works until, bad twist number two, Logan and his crew bring in Cameron. Cameron is announced as the best far shooter on the varsity basketball team and he is here to help them. The reason this addition went unappreciated was because Cameron didn’t appear to have any connection or drive to act. Usually a character will have some form of motivation for attacking someone but he just came across as a human puppet with no thoughts or feelings. After Cameron hurls basketball sized snowball on everyone, including Rudy’s cousin, they all are force to retreat.

Louise tries everything in her power to seize the sledding hill back but to no avail. All the Belcher children come together in one last stand against the high-school boys but right before they get snow balled, another twist. Some how Logan managed to make enemies with all the girls in softball, basketball, lacrosse and etcetera who then show out to attack him with snowballs. Long standing fans of Bob’s Burgers know that Logan is not the greatest kid around and often proves himself to be a jerk but to acquire this many girls who want to hurt him is astonishing. What made this warrant a second thought was one, the number of girls who convened and two, how fast they manged to all get there at the same time. There were plenty of details I left out so if you get the chance watch the episode yourself do so and leave a comment with your thoughts. Overall, to many things just didn’t seem right so this segment (which wasn’t even about the holidays) was a no for us.

Bob's Burgers (Better of Sled 3)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

If you saw the picture of Linda above, then you know you don’t have to worry about her story being told. This story-line was better but didn’t appear enough to leave a lasting imprint. Linda wanted to make scarves for the kids as presents but knitting by hand is difficult for those who are inexperienced. Linda struggled to produce anything of quality opposed to Bob who made more that were also better. Surprisingly, the kids loved Linda’s scarf which made her regain her confidence and ended the show on a positive note of her loud victory.

I want to wish everyone happy holidays and I hope your season if full of cheer you get to share with loved ones. Please leave a like, a comment and have a Happy (Nerdy) New Year.

(If you want to watch a really good Bob’s Burgers holiday special then I recommend both parts of The Bleakening)