Liz has found out that her sister was killed by an alien and not a car accident like everyone suspects. Then of course she automatically thinks Max did because of the memory she saw when they shared a bond. Kyle found a file and the same handprint was on Rosa. Upon having Liz accuse him of murder Max loses control and causes a city-wide black out. He decides to tell Isabel and Michael who then suggests using Isabel’s powers to run Liz out of town before she figures out the whole truth.

This is all going on as Liz is still reeling from learning the truth about Rosa, or assuming it at least. And you know what they say about assuming things. Let’s not forget how Liz is trying to concoct an alien killing weapon by researching Max’s biology. No, he doesn’t know. However, as we know from the original show, Liz’s anatomy is changing. Max brought her back from the dead and that was not without its side effects. Needless to say, communication is horrible and everyone is keeping the truth from everyone. Let the conflicts begin.

Things begin to get a little questionable in an already curious situation. Of course, Alex’s dad, who has a secret military compound to research all things unexplainable, ie? Max and his pals. This little blackout situation just makes matters worse for the trio. Little do they know the trouble brewing behind their backs when they all consider Liz and her research to be the problem. On a good note, Manes’ recruitment is not going so well but he may have Cameron’s attention as she starts to have questions herself.

In the meantime, Max has to go back to work because he is a cop in a small town. No power means people are going to go looking for trouble. Back at the hospital, they are some issues with some of the patients and the generator power can only do so much and it may cost one little boy his life. Now, there’s a race for time in more areas than one. Max decides to allow Isabel to fiddle with Liz’s mind once again. It didn’t work out so well for her last time.

Liz is a bit of a bully and a bulldog. She is adamant with her flight conclusions. She’s rude and she doesn’t listen. She just latches onto an idea there is no dissuading her. It doesn’t matter if it’s Max or her dad. Then her dad ends up collapsing under her interrogation. To make matters worse her father is an undocumented immigrant. I am sure that will be an issue in the future. Liz considers making a life in Roswell.

So Isabel practices how to take over someone’s mind and old high school girl fights come to the surface at Maria’s bar. As payback Isabel tries to enter the mind of Maria who is a psychic. Of course in Roswell, never judge a book by its cover. Maria reads Isabel’s palm and speaks some truths. Isabel is intrigued and encouraged Maria to dig deeper and she enters her mind. She encourages Maria to show her the memories of why she hates her and Isabel is shocked with visions of herself.

Nothing is going as planned and it is just more high school drama being dredged up from the past. Everyone is grown but they are all still living ten years ago. Including feelings. Where is the maturity development? I get that there are hurt and confused feelings but the hostility that still lingers after a decade shows everyone is still holding on. Liz then receives a reward after doing a little digging of her own and ends up with Rosa’s backpack. Along with a clue.

Max saves the day by using his alien powers to generate power for the hospital and leaves that same marking on the box as all the other transformers. Who finds it, Cameron and her curiosity are piqued when Alex’s dad left those pictures behind. Liz comes to conclusions of her own and ends up running into Max, but not before she has sex with Kyle. She still accuses Max of murdering her sister and cries and says she wants to believe him but does she really want to believe.

It seems to me that she just takes and takes and takes but can never give back. She lies to herself and excuses her feelings away and uses other people as a scapegoat. Then just barrels forward with her assumptions. Granted he is lying to her but not in the way that she thinks. Her actions will affect more than just her and she doesn’t care who gets in the way of her finding the truth but it may have a good outcome for her. Even spilling Max’s secret to Kyle, but then again maybe not.