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Michael Carpenter is, in a word, awesome. He is a retired Knight of the Cross, a man of faith and family, a carpenter, and Harry’s friend and confidant. He is a human with the divine watching out for him. Michael is a tall man (though not quite as tall as Harry) with blue eyes, and when he was younger brown hair, now there is gray.

Michael wields Amoracchius, one of three swords bearing one of the nails used to hang Jesus. To wield one of these swords is to be a literal knight for the Catholic God. It is not without risk and reward. Michael has come out the other side of fights, beat to hell but alive. He has saved Harry’s bacon many times. Michael has a flourishing carpentry business that he has put a lot of hard work into. His children are happy and healthy. He puts in a lot of hours everywhere.

Family means everything to Michael. He is married to Charity. They have three sons, Daniel, Matthew, and Harry (yes, Harry is named after tall, dark, and lanky). They have four daughters, Hope, Amanda, Alicia, and Molly. They have five daughters, if you count Harry Dresden’s daughter, Maggie, who they adopted when she went into hiding. Charity and Michael did this because they love Harry and knew that this would be the safest place for Maggie. Harry is raising her now, but they still take her from time to time.

Michael’s faith is so strong, vampires touching him burst into flame. He has done it twice to different courts. First with Kelly of the Red Court and then to Mavra of the Black Court. In his duty as a Knight of the Cross, Michael has the unnerving knack for showing up where he is needed, when he is needed. It’s one of the reasons Harry called Michael the “Fist of God.” After years of stellar service to God, Michael finally retired. His last time out with Harry almost cost him his life. As part of his retirement package, which made his home the perfect home for Maggie, several angels guard his home.

I really love Michael. I was sad when I realized he wasn’t helping as much and then not at all because of how hurt he was and his age. Harry runs around with all kinds of nonhuman creatures that I kept forgetting that Michael is human. What do you think of Michael? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…