Sunday night kicked off the “Mad Hatters and March Hares” event at the Jean Cocteau Cinema and it was a huge success! From the moment the guests entered, they were instantly emerged in Alice’s Wonderland. From the cards that looked like they climbed the walls, to the clocks and signs that pointed in weird directions, each detail was designed to make the guests feel like they “fell down the rabbit hole”.


Picture Source: Janet Severance

Mad Hatters and March Hares (an anthology of Alice in Wonderland inspired stories) was edited by Ellen Datlow. She, along with 4 of her authors, attended the event and sat in for a Q&A sporting some very creative hats!


Picture Source: Linda Carfagno

The bar tender (Nicole Lawe) created specialty cocktails for the event with “take-home tea cups” and “drink me jars”!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Picture Sources: Janet Severance, Lenore Gallegos

The staff dressed up in hand-made hats for the event. Even George participated sporting a one of a kind “castle hat” made by a friend and Ellen wore a top hat made from yoga mats. Each participant used their own flare and design.

BeFunky Collage copy 2.jpg

Photos Source: Linda Carfagno

Even I participated! Creating a top hat for only $46 was not simple, but I think the end result was something the Hatter would have been proud of. I won second place in the hat contest and let me say, there were some amazing entries!


Picture Source: Linda Carfagno

It was wonderful to hear Ellen and the authors banter back and forth with George about writing and story ideas. The guests had a great time and overall, the night was one to remember!


Picture Source: Linda Carfagno

Pick up your copy of “Mad Hatters and March Hares” today! And if you would like a signed copy, make sure to check out the Jean Cocteau Cinema!