Anita Blake Marvel

Source Marvel

Anita’s professional life at this point is much preferred to her personal life. She is still overwhelmed with learning to control the Ardeur, finding a pomme de sang and balance with all the men in her life. In this book Anita must go to Las Vegas because they got a surprise addressed to Anita. They have had some supernatural serial killings. She goes without her harem of men because she knows who she is up against and doesn’t want to risk him using her loved ones to get to her. Not to mention, she already has enough problems with people in her professional life thinking she screws everything that moves.

When getting to Las Vegas, Anita is again teamed up with Edward, Bernard and Olaf. Olaf has indicated that he wants to date her and is willing to have “regular” sex to feed her if need be. Bernard is just a horn dog and willing to have sex to feed her. Bernard is easy to blow off. Olaf she must tread much more carefully with. He is an insane serial killer disguised as a federal marshal. The killer they are after though makes Olaf look like the Easter Bunny. Vittorio escaped death by Anita before. She isn’t willing to allow that to happen again.

While in Las Vegas Anita is politically obligated to visit the Master of the City Max. He happens to be married to Bibiana the Chang (Queen) of the Las Vegas White Tigers. She is pushing for Anita to start a clan of white tigers with her son Victor. It isn’t something that Anita is hot on trying. Bibiana is also sending Cynric to Anita when he turns 17 which is the legal age of consent in Missouri.

Will Anita kill Vittorio this time? Mommy Dearest is still messing with Anita too. What happens to Anita now? Must she contend with Marmee Noir much longer? Who does she feed from this time? Read the book and tell me what you think in the comments below. See you next week!