Last week, I provided you with a list of movies to fill your time until “The Originals” returns to us.  This week, I’ll provide you with five TV show suggestions instead.  Some you may already recognize, but hopefully, you’ll stumble across at least one new obsession.

I’m going to make the assumption that you already know about the most popular titles in this field. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already a fan of this genre. I should hope you’re already a lifetime fan of the TV series “Supernatural,” which focuses on two brothers that fight off paranormal creatures. (Whom each get their own chances to BE supernatural themselves) If you’re a fan of “Originals,” you probably ended up here because you saw “Vampire Diaries” or enjoyed the witches of the “Secret Circle” series.

So, read over my suggestions and perhaps you’ll discover your next big obsession!

(1) Witches of East End (2013)


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Some people have called this show as much of a loss as the cancellation of “Firefly!” Why is this? “Witches of East End” had a growing following and a kick-butt cast! There were only two seasons, but they’re still worth a good binge! The plot centers around three witches; a mother and her two daughters. The twist? The daughters don’t know they’re witches! The mother is forced to tell them this, and more, when one of the daughters falls in love with a regular, plain old human! The mother is played by Julia Ormond. (Elizabeth Krauss of “Incorporated”) The daughters are Madchen Amick (Alice Cooper of “Riverdale”) and also Jenna Dewan Tatum. (Lucy Lane of “Supergirl.”)

(2) Bitten (2014)


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The plot of this story will sound a lot like others you’ve heard of. Girl gets turned into a werewolf. Girl gets torn between a human love and a not-so-human love.  This TV show was originally inspired by a series of books by author Kelley Armstrong. The main star is Laura Vandervoort. (Tessa Pryor of the “Ice” TV series.) The second two main characters are played by Greyston Holt (Kyle of “Somewhere Between”) and Greg Bryk. (Cobbs Pond of “Frontier.”)

(3) Hex (2004)


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Witchcraft, fallen-angels, and ghosts? What more fun could you ask for? Cassie goes from shy college girl to brand new witch, from a friend to a ghost to the mother of a demon child! (Hence “supernatural family!”) The cast in this series is fun! Cassie is played by Christina Cole (Dr. Paula Agard of “Suits”) while her best-friend Thelma is played by Jemima Rooper. (Medusa of the “Atlantis” TV show) The biggest bonus of Hex? The big villain is played by a young Michael Fassbender! (Magneto of the X-Men reboot movies and the Alien reboots)

(4) Gates (2010)


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If you prefer a story that isn’t on any one supernatural creature, this is the right series for you! You’ll get your dose of vampires, werewolves, and witches! (And more!) The families, marriages, and romances living in a gated community together are seen through the eyes of the main character, the just arrived Chief of Police. There are a lot of well-known faces in this one!  One of them is Rhona Mitra. (Dr. Rachel Scott of “The Last Ship.”) Another familiar face is Frank Grillo. (I know him from his days on “Prison Break,” but most people know him as Crossbones from “Captain America: Civil War.”) Another name you might want to know is Marisol Nichols. (Hermione Lodge from “Riverdale.”) Finally, there is also Skyler Samuels. (Esme Frost from “The Gifted.”) 

(5) Superstition (2017)


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This is one of those TV shows that has so far slipped by under the radar.  If you’re a fan Supernatural, you will almost certainly fall in love with this.  From the way the title flashes onto the screen to the special effects, this series rings of the Winchesters.  With the constantly changing dynamics between siblings and parents, the family at the center of the plot should also ring of the Mikaelsons. The story revolves around an African-American family with the last name of Hastings.  They own a funeral home in Georgia.  More often than not, the Hastings bury the bodies of people killed by “infernals.” (What the show calls “demons.”) The family hunts what goes bump in the night, defends the innocent, and yes, does it in kickass style! One of the members of the family is played by Robinne Lee. (Ros Bailey from the “Fifty Shades” franchise.) Another member of the family is played by Mario Van Peebles. (Agent Randall Harrison of the “Damages” TV show.) The main character heading up the cast is actor Brad James. He’s most known as Todd in the “For Better or Worse” TV series, but if you rewind way back to an episode of “Vampire Diaries” named “Memory Lane,” you can see Brad James play a tow truck driver!

It won’t be much longer until the Mikaelson family is finally back on our screens. Are you as excited as me?  Now we’re closer to the return, our posts will begin to focus more on the final season of the show and what we can expect!