Is Eugene in this picture? Or wait is that Negan? Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

In this weeks episode of The Walking Dead titled Hostiles and Calamities we get to see what is happening to Eugene after he is taken from Alexandria, which takes place around the same time as a previous episode where Rick and company head to the Kingdom. Eugene makes his nervous debut at the Sanctuary, he looks like he is going to pass out while also pissing his pants. Eugene gets the quick tour and introduction to Negan and gets moved to his knew room. He was so scared until he was shown his own apartment type room. He has a bed, TV with video game, fridge and radio that played easy street. He was offered any food he wanted, in typical Eugene fashion, he first asked for lobster, he settled on orange sauce and canned pasta. He passed on fresh chips as they were kettle chips and said he likes pickles.

Dwight realizes that Fat Joey is gone, a motorcycle is missing and that Daryl has escaped. Dwight goes to investigate and finds the note that says “go now.” Dwight acts like he has an idea who it is, Negan and friends go to Dwight’s room to beat him up and throw him in the hole for a night. After Dwight proves to Negan he gets it he goes to the doctor. The doctor tells Dwight that he is pretty convinced that Sheri couldn’t have let Daryl out. Deep down though Dwight knows that she did. To prove himself to Negan he says he will go out and track down and bring back Sheri. Before the two ever made it to the Sanctuary they made a pact that if anything was to happen to go back to the house with beer and pretzels. Sheri did, and left a lengthy note on why she let Daryl out, why she had to leave, and how she isn’t even sure Dwight will remember because of his memory loss. Since Dwight isn’t able to find Sheri and she doesn’t want to be found, Dwight says that Sheri wouldn’t come back alive and was killed by a pack of walkers. Dwight goes on to set up the doctor saying that he was the one who let Daryl out. Negan, setting an example for the group and especially to Eugene, throws the doctor head first into the furnace saying luckily they have another doctor referring to Eugene who earlier said he is basically a doctor with his degrees. We will get to that shortly.

Eugene gets a tour of how things work. He is told that they eat good and others eat like crap. They take what they want and it’s on a point system, you write your name and the cost of the item on the paper. Eugene is given all the pickles since he said he likes pickles to show how it works. Back outside, Negan is there with some of his minions and sees Eugene and asks him how smart he really is. Eugene realizing it is a test talks about his schooling, and what degrees he had, and how he is essentially a doctor with his level of schooling, but not saying he is a MEDICAL DOCTOR. He also goes in with his genome project angle that he initially used to convince Abraham that he is important and he had to get to the capital to fight weaponized diseases with weaponized diseases.

While this is happening a walker that the Saviors has against the fence has his lower body rip apart from his top portion. Negan asks Mr. Smartypants what his suggestion is for this? Eugene tells him he already has the means to fix his problem. He should use his smelter to smelt down scrap metal and use it to merge the walker to the fence as it will harden and keep him in place. He would also score bonus points for pouring it over his head making a helmet. Negan thinks that is extremely cool, asks if Rick was having him do any cool shit like that, and as a token of appreciation he will send some of his wives over tonight for fun, but he has to say that sex is not on the table.


What should we call these two? The Man and the Mullet? Give me your suggestions in the comments. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Negan sends over 3 of his wives to visit with Eugene that night, Eugene is playing video games and talking about it was for his pleasure to show them a fun time. One of the wives is getting wasted while the other two seem interested in what he can do. One says they could talk about the human genome project all night, and wanted to know if he could make a bomb with basic items. He said of course not but with this list of things he could. They wanted to see a bomb so he made a little show outside for them.

The very next night 2 of Negan’s wives comes back to Eugene to hang out because they want to. They said he can make things and the other wife all she does is cry and drink and she wants to end it and they want to know if he can help them make a pill so she can go peacefully. They want 2 in case one doesn’t work, the next day they come back for them but Eugene doesn’t give them up because he knows they are for Negan. They tried to blackmail him but he said that they are replaceable but he isn’t so Negan would believe him over his wives.

Negan comes to ask Eugene the question on who is he? Eugene says he is Negan, he was Negan before he ever met him but he just needed to meet him to be sure. After that Eugene seems to be in charge of the defenses as he was telling people how to not get burned by the burning metal.

Eugene and Dwight talk about the chomping incident and Dwight stops him after exchanging names. Eugene says that he is Negan and Dwight is Negan. Dwight looks at him all sorts of crazy. That is a very odd pairing.


Negan, meet Negan, oh hey look it’s Negan! Hey Negan come here often? Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

Don’t lose all hope with Eugene though, early on he did notice a kid steal something and didn’t write his name or points on the paper so he might still have the eyes on the prize after all.