Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! Quite a few people in my life have requested I review this game, but I didn’t really know what it was about and didn’t have the heart to spend money on a TellTale game. Lucky for you lot it was free on Xbox for Gold Members. Once I started playing though, I was hooked and I immediately regretted not buying it/downloading it sooner.

For those of you who don’t know, “The Wolf Among Us” is based on fairytale characters. From Sleepy Hollow to Snow White, there are mentions and cameos of every fairytale imaginable.

You play a Sheriff named Bigby Wolf, a humanized version of the Storybooks’ Big Bad Wolf. ( I love it because his name is a play on “Big Bad.” “Big B.” Bigby.) He maintains the community and keeps peace among the characters. He’s essentially a bad guy gone good. The characters are known as “Fables” while regular humans are considered mundane, or “Mundys.”

To start the game, you go on a call that seems to be a simple disruption of the peace at an apartment complex. You find The Woodsman, the hero of Red Riding Hood, beating on a prostitute and getting irrationally angry. However, when that very same prostitute’s severed head is found on the steps of Bigby’s apartment complex, things get more intense and far more dangerous. Fable society slowly begins to panic and potentially crumble as the realization that the first Fable murder in centuries was actually most likely caused by another Fable.

Now, it’s obvious that this game is not for children, so parents: Do your research before you give this game to your “Teacup humans.” After investigating the murder(s) you begin to wonder if they’re targeting Bigby, and try to track down the “whys” and “hows” of the case. Will you solve this mystery and risk your friends by staying human? Or will you do ANYTHING to stop the killer, even if that means unleashing your inner beast?

This game is one of those rare “Choose your own path” type games and the decisions you make will ultimately alter the storyline. It could change who dies, how people respond to you, and possibly even who the killer is.

Keep in mind, as much as I’m praising this game, there ARE issues with it. However they’re more technical issues than actual gameplay. The creator of this game, TellTale Games, is notoriously known for their annoying and virtually unbearable lag. However, I will say that throughout my gameplay, I’ve experienced little to no lag. Still, I would recommend proceeding with caution, but please please PLEASE do give “The Wolf Among Us” a try. Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Ps Vita, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. Some of these may have it listed for a price, so be wary. Tune in next week for another TGON Plays!