Cryptocurrencies have evolved over the years to become unique assets. However, between the original bitcoin and the several emerging types, the options for trading and spending in crypto are enormous. Meanwhile, the crypto generation is quite restricted, as most people prefer to mine. Yet, with the soaring demand for blockchain gaming, it is practical to consider mobile crypto gaming to earn your coins. But with the many options available, it can be tricky to separate the legit ones from the others. This article provides the top mobile crypto games that allow you to earn decently while gaming.

Gods Unchained

Image by ExplorerBob from Pixabay

Gods unchained is a famous blockchain game infused with crypto. Gods Unchained is a tragedy and player versus player game. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain network and immutable X and is available on Microsoft and Mac OS-supported devices. The online card trading game allows players to own cards that run on a blockchain. These cards are digital assets in token forms. Although the game is free, users are required to use Ethereum compatible wallets to make in-game purchases.

Bitcoin Bounce

This crypto game is slightly different from several others, although it has a more straightforward crypto-rewarding system. Instead of offering crypto bits every once in a while, Bitcoin Bounce allows collecting tickets for a raffle every day. While this implies you could end up with no crypto, you likewise stand to earn considerably more. Bitcoin Bounce is a simple performer since you need to collect as many tickets as possible while moving from one platform. 

Crypto Planet

Crypto Planet offers more gameplay than just a little puzzler. The blockchain game requires you to explore a crypto planet to mine crystals. Unlike other mobile games, Crypto Planet depends on you allowing time to pass by, leaving your digger to run for a few hours on crystals and returning to collect them. You can purchase more space chests after mining more crystals. Crypto Planet features several cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and offers an in-game wallet to store your coins and transfer them to others. 

Lost Relics

Image by PankeysonPhotos from Pixabay

This is an action-adventure role-playing game where users earn and acquire items upheld by blockchain. The Enjin blockchain platform manages lost relics and its other gaming items. Most of the things are Ethereum which are significant resources with genuine value on the planet. Users determine whether to claim, buy or sell the items. Players of the dungeon crawling game explore a land above dungeons, including several places such as Tavern, Emporium, General Store, and others. Players are set on a quest to save town folks and collect precious, valuable relics from a dangerous beast. Blockchain networks integrate crypto for in-game payment, and NFTs allow gamers to purchase unique assets inside the game’s ecosystem. This can be traded or transferred to other users across various platforms. However, for crypto enthusiasts, there are platforms you can consider to invest and trade Dogecoin (DOGE), Stellar (XLM), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), XRP (XRP), and others.