This episode opens on the campus of a university where a guy gets kidnapped and turned into a weird zombie cyborg thing.

Later, Mark is discharged from the hospital. Mark decides to plan a road trip with Will and Amber to visit the exact same university the weird kidnappings have taking place.. The entire plan goes south pretty much as soon as they park the car.

A weird student named D.A. Sinclair is introduced, and he turns out to be your classic evil scientist. He’s the one behind all the kidnappings, and has turning people into zombie cyborg monsters. And his next victim happens to be Will’s boyfriend.

This episode really puts a spotlight on how crappy Invincible really is at juggling his two worlds as a lot happens that he could have prevented. In the end, however, Invincible does save the day.

Episode Quick Bits:

  • The GDA takes Sinclair into custody, but seems like they might have use for his evil intelligence.
  • Robot is still up to something shady.
  • Amber is so done with Mark. She, like, can’t even with that guy.
  • Debbie discovers the blood on Omni-Man’s suit is defiantly the Guardians.
  • Eve decides to leave the nest to live in a tree.