The Mindy Project – Dibs

Mindy & Anna wore matching pyjamas (& Mindy was totally copying her look); Collette physically fought Morgan to defend her girlfriends honor, and Jeremy & Jody fought over Anna like she was some prize to be won. Also, there wasn’t enough Tamara or Beverly


Mindy is helping Anna get her groove back with the help of some kinky porn provided by (yay for women owning their sexuality and watching porn without judgement on TV amirite!) I’d say it goes very well because Anna kicks Mindy out of the room *wink wink*

Later, as Mindy and Jeremy and chatting about his weekend plans, Anna brings him a scone! While Jer is busy pulling out a tiny jar of jam form his pocket, Mindy remarks that Anna MUST have a crush on him and he comes clean about the almost kiss.


Right as Jeremy is deciding that he wants to ask Anna out, Jody waltzs in and calls dibs on her *eyeroll*. YOU CAN’T CALL DIBS ON AN ADULT WOMAN DUMMO.

So Dr, K & Dr. R spend most of the episode trying to win Anna over, Jeremy brings a puzzle to Mindy’s house and ends up spending the evening consoling Anna and helping her with her divorce paperwork. He’s about to make some progress when Jody bribes a nurse to page Anna and tell her a patient is in labour (sorry, labor). When Dr. Z walks into the scrub room, she finds Jody on the floor (EW) with a weird picnic setup (EW EW) including champagne chilling in a bedpan (EW EW EW). Anna isn’t having any of this shit though and she shuts him down and leaves. #YASQueen


The next morning on the subway, Jeremy stands up to Jody and puts him in his place. Jody spins the whole thing around and pretends like he was never into Anna but Jeremy is smart so he figures out that Anna rejected him. He’s smart but he’s also a little dumb because at the office, he tries to kiss her and she’s not having it.

She then makes a meta speech about how everyone doesn’t have to date everyone just because they’re in close proximity. As the trope goes, anytime someone makes a speech about wanting to be alone, they start dating someone and the show hints at Anna’s feelings for Jeremy by closing on her finishing his puzzle and smiling to herself!


Parallel to all of this, Colette’s new girlfriend turns Morgan’s closet into a recording studio and annoys him to no end. At one point, he brings a date back to the apartment and as things get steamy, Karen busts out of the closet and scares everyone. Morgan throws his girl off the bed, she leaves, and he’s rude to Karen.

Colette then fights him and basically kicks his ass, she finishes by telling him that this is the first girl she’s liked in a long time and she wants Morgan to not be an ass. To his credit, he apologizes to Karen by the end, but he also breaks her ukulele, so there’s room for more progress.


New episodes of The Mindy Project are available to stream Tuesdays on Hulu (& Thursdays on CityTV in Canada) – this week, Mindy Lahiri is a white man played by Ryan Hansen!


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