With summer nearly in full swing where I live, sometimes it feels nice to relax with a nice cold beverage, in a fantasy-based land, made by an Orc preferably. Unfortunately, this is no possible IRL, as far as I know. However, it is possible on Steam via Orcish Inn.

Orcish Inn
Source: Orcish Inn Itch.io Page

The Plot

Orcish Inn is a tavern simulation game in which players take on the role of an innkeeper in an unexplored portion of the continent. Players role-play as an Orc and help him to gather the necessary resources to build his tavern. One can create various buildings such as brewing facilities, multiple bars, or sleeping quarters and decorate them to their heart’s content. When players are not harnessing their inner architect, they must also farm and brew their beer.

Farming in this game can yield many crops, including hops, oat, sugar-beets, tomatoes, and more. These crops can be brewed to make alcohol or used to prepare tasty tavern treats. The brewing process is in-depth because players control their brew’s tint, bitterness, strength, and flavor. After a hard day of farming and brewing, players must then serve the transient Orc clans. This is done by feeding them snacks, perfecting prices and the beer’s taste. If the visiting Orcs are unhappy with their service, this can lead to a barroom blitz!

My Thoughts

After playing the Orcish Inn demo, I was left with a sense of awe. Creator Steven Colling has created an excellent mash between fantasy and working simulation. While this game is currently in the alpha stage with no definite completion date on site, its current form is not rough by any stretch of the imagination. The graphics are brilliant; I adore the PC Orc tavern keeper with his cute tiny tusks. The ambient music is also enjoyable to listen to while figuring out the controls. The goals and skill level-ups are clearly defined for the player. Overall, Orcish Inn is in a great spot so far, and I cannot wait to see what Colling has up his sleeve for the final release.

Odds and Ends

Gamers can find the Orcish Inn demo on Steam and itch.io. If players want notifications about the release, they can Wishlist it on Steam or check out the official Twitter. This demo is available on PC and Linux.