SiliCon will be returning to the San Jose Convention Center from August 28th – 29th, 2021, for an in-person and virtual convention. The convention was previously called Silicon Valley Comic Con and owned the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack, but was handed over to Mythbusters and cosplay creator, Adam Savage last year. The convention was re-branded to give it a more tech vibe, given the convention is in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, and will heavily focus on cosplay. This is something Adam Savage is no stranger to. He’s been hosting Maker’s Workshops for cosplayers to learn how to create various handmade pieces they may need for their cosplay.

We’ve been attending Silicon Valley Comic Con since they first opened and have been covering it every year. Last year, we unleashed CarRamRod from Super Troopers. They took home the Fan Favorite Award from the Cosplay Contest. Frankly, it’s my favorite event to do for The Game of Nerds and personally. It’s not as crazy as Emerald City Comic-Con but just as exciting. This year’s talent is already shaping up to be quite good. Check out some of the guest list so far:

  • Star Trek’s William Shatner – Sunday Only
  • The Incredible Hulk’s Lou Ferrigno
  • Tron’s Bruce Boxleitner
  • The Voice of Super Mario – Charles Martinet
  • Battle Star Galactica’s Dirk Benedict
  • WWE’s Jake “The Snake”
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & Stunt Man – Kenn Scott
  • Supernatural’s Mark Sheppard
  • Comic Book Artists, Cosplayers, and Writers have been announced as well.

SiliCon officials have already announced that ticket sales will be reduced, and COVID precautions will be put in place based on the city/state’s ordinance. As we get closer to the actual event, there will be a clearer answer to what these precautions are considering regulations are starting to loosen up in the next month. Either way, I’m excited to be returning to SiliCon with the rest of The Game of Nerds crew. Will we see you there? Let us know in the comments.