The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard, there’s not denying that. Superstore creators were able to work around the pandemic in a unique way since the show focuses on frontline workers, so the transition into the new season felt surprisingly natural. It wasn’t until the end of the season that fans felt unfulfilled.

When Superstore premiered back in 2015 it was a simpler time. A time when building a story based on retail comradery didn’t involve demanding personal protective equipment for employees. But as COVID-19 restrictions hit large retailers hard the writing for the show needed to change in order to be relatable to it’s audience.

Luckily for Superstore, this was easy to do. Big box stores like Cloud 9 are enduring major changes in workplace health standards and other health compliance issues. Continuing this narrative to the TV screen made Superstore feel like an extension of our “new normal” lives, which made it more relatable and relevant than ever.

Unfortunately, those changes limited the writing as well. While the show was entertaining as usual, the plot seemed to stagnate as it went on. The season didn’t get a great start — Amy’s departure and the breakup between her and Jonah already left fans feeling disappointed. Then the entire season was spent wondering not when, bit if Amy would return. The not knowing made it a bit difficult to focus on what the show had rather than what it was lacking.

But let’s be real, we all lost our minds when their marriage and baby were revealed!

Whether Superstore’s cancellation was due to COVID-19, America Ferrera’s request to leave the show or anything else, one thing is sure: the Cloud 9 Family’s story ended on a heartwarming note. Every positive thing you could imagine for them came true — especially the reveal of Amy and Jonah’s child! But the last couple episodes felt crammed with plot points that needed to be wrapped up at the last moment. Again, especially with moments like Amy and Jonah’s child reveal which gets glossed over very quickly. While the moment was heartwarming, it also left us wanting more Amy/Jonah content than ever.

Overall, season six gave us a lot of emotional moments and left us feeling satisfied about the ending, but also mourning what the show could have had if the ending hadn’t been so rushed. While I doubt the show will be renewed in the future, we can keep our post-COVID hopes alive.