As many of you guys know, YouTube and other creator platforms can be brutal when it comes to copyrighted music. Even a few seconds of playing a commercial song can result in an instant flag.

Many content creators have opted to use royalty-free tracks and jingles for their opening themes. But let me ask you this: what if another podcast or channel also uses the same track? How will your brand stand? According to major brand management professionals, this is a big, fat NO-NO!

This is where Gemtracks comes along.

Gemtracks is a beats and music marketplace where every track sold is for $149. Once a track is sold, it will be removed from the website so no one else can get their hand on the same copy. Also, the copyright and intellectual ownership get transferred to you.

For years now, major media companies and creators from Netflix, Fox and even Disney have purchased beats from Gemtracks. It is a quick and affordable way to get unique and exclusive tracks without being muddled with piles of legal documents.

The Good

Besides receiving your track immediately in your email, Gemtracks also sends Transfer of Copyright statements to guarantee your ownership of the track. This means if you ever get hit by lawsuits or accusations of you using someone’s song, you have the documents to prove your case.

Each beat you purchase doesn’t just come with the master audio file, but also the stems. Stems are the individual instruments that make up the song. This means for a beat you purchase, you may receive up to 30 tracks that you can (re)mix and edit into your podcast or video. This is extremely handy if there is an instrument or loop in the song that you want to leave out.

According to seller accounts on Gemtracks, many have stated on their profiles that they have worked with big record labels, including Sony and Universal. Just by looking at this, $149 for a track is a pretty good deal, don’t you agree?

The Bad

Obviously, the biggest disadvantage is that once a track is sold, it’s gone forever. Many people have regrated not buying their chosen track sooner. It is also not apparent when new tracks are released. Based on our observation, new beats were being added hourly and sometimes daily. It seems inconsistent, but this may probably be due to the number of sellers listing their tracks at random times. Lastly, every beat has an overdub of the website’s name being repeated over and over again for obvious reasons. In most cases, this is fine, but sometimes, it can make the track hard to listen.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Gemtracks is a wonderful platform to get unique and exclusive tracks for your podcast and videos. They have a wide range of different styles and genres to choose from, and if you still can’t find one, you can contact the sellers directly for something specific.
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