EW’s Fall Preview issue included some stills from season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend & an interview with Bloom & McKenna that gave some insight into the theme of the show this season. I read it so you don’t have to – because I’m a good friend!

  1. One of the first music videos of the season is a nod to Beyoncé’s Lemonade, using the beats & air of empowerment to sing about 3 a.m. texts & complete delusions!
  2. Bloom & McKenna imagined the show in 4 acts; “the first one was denial, the second one is certainty.”
  3. Season 2 will have a new theme song and credits sequence & will focus on the next phase of Rebecca’s obsession. She’s admitted that she’s in love with Josh & she’s convinced he loves her back.
  4. They will finally have some love songs, now that Becks is no longer in denial
  5. Last season featured 49 original songs, Rachel & co-songwriters Jack Dolgen & Adam Schlesinger have challenged themselves to beat that number this year.
  6. Schlesinger jokes that if it were up to Bloom, every song would be Broadway or Beyoncé – so they try to vary their sound & never repeat a genre. For instance, season 2 will feature some Spice Girls, a ballet duet a Disney showstopper & a Singin’ In The Rain tap number.
  7. The premiere boasts a Rebecca & Josh duet “We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now” & “Love Kernels,” the Beyoncé slow-jam.
  8. Season 2 picks up a month after the events of the finale;
    ~ Josh is couch-surfing & soul-searching
    ~ Paula is making changes in her marriage
    ~ Darryl & White Josh are facing some real issues
    ~ Greg reorganizes his life & changes his relationship with Rebecca

Pick up the EW Fall Preview issue now & tune in to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Friday October 21st at 9/8c on The CW!