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Damn it, Jerry! 

There’s a phrase I never thought I’d say again, but more on that later.

Our time in Coral Palms finally came to an end this week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Jake and Holt are on the lam with the entirety of the Coral Palms PD after them. They have too much else to focus on down there, aside from puppies at drive thru windows, so there’s really nowhere to hide. To make matters worse, Holt impaled his leg on a bar when the two jumped over a fence.

Back in Brooklyn, the 99 decide to just go ahead down to Florida in spite of their new captain’s orders. Road Trip style! That had to have been fun. My only wish is that we could’ve seen more footage of all those conflicting personalities cramped in a minivan! Finally, the 99 arrives at the storage facility where Jake and Holt are hiding, and Jake and Amy’s reunion consists of her punching him in the throat. Ever the awkward couple, these six months apart have not been good for their “flow”. They just can’t seem to get on the same page, no matter what they do.


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Naturally, Jake already has a plan in place to lure in and defeat Figgis–all of which takes place at the Funzone. Manager Jorma closed it down especially for his plan…good ol’ Jorma. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is at it’s best when the whole gang works together, and this was no exception. The 99 seamlessly took down all of Figgis’ guys and Jake was able to sneak up on Figgis with ease. Side note: who else was sort of bummed that Eric Roberts was Figgis? No disrespect, he’s great, but I was still hoping it would randomly be Jim O’Heir.

I’m getting sidetracked. Before Jake could finally take down Figgis–a resolution we’ve been waiting MONTHS for–friggin Sheriff Jerry Gergich shows up and screws everything up. He still thinks Jake is a criminal and makes him drop his weapon, while that’s happening, Figgis pulls out a gun and shoots Jerry. Don’t worry guys, he’s fine, and now he gets disability…something he was very excited about. (once again this ep was littered with political commentary!)

After some more crossed signals with Jake and Amy (she shot him instead of Figgis), Amy chases Figgis to his car, where he almost gets away. For a second you’re like Seriously? We have to go through another week of this? and then super team Gina and Holt show up and ram into him with a truck. Finally, the 99 has caught Figgis, whom if I remember correctly, is the longest-lasting antagonist this show has ever had.

Everything wraps of nicely, Jake and Amy get back on the same page, and the 99 gets home. The problem is, Captain Ken Marino is pissed they defied his orders. Now, they’re all on the night shift! I would be more concerned, but wouldn’t you think that Holt will be Captain again soon?