Hey everyone! So I recently bought DK Country Returns for the 3DS and I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting anything good out of this game; I was expecting a cruddy platform game with no story and horrible graphics. What I got instead was a throwback to my childhood and an addictive game that I honest-to-god carried to work with me to play. The story starts with a volcano erupting on Donkey Kong’s island, and with its eruption, the Tiki-Tok Tribe awaken. They start hypnotizing local animals and forcing them to steal DK’s stash of bananas, which enrages Donkey Kong to the point where he tries to track them down to get his treasure back. (Side Note: Who in the hell just shoves their food source into a cave directly below their actual. Eat it like a normal animal DK, jfc. Do you see how many problems you’d avoid if you weren’t so greedy?)

Donkey Kong Country Returns - Beach Level

Donkey and Diddy Kong – Beach Level

Donkey Kong Country Returns is the fourth installment of the “DK Country” installments, and takes place in various parts of the island. You go head to head with different bosses, and you get the chance to see Cranky Kong in his store of goodies. The main playable characters are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, and as they traverse through their island tracking down the Tiki-Tok leaders, the duo collect bananas to return to their stash and attempt to free the hypnotized animals from their capture. Donkey Kong Country Returns was honestly a blast to play, and the fact that I could carry it anywhere just added to how much I loved this game. (To my boss, who may read this, I totally didn’t take my 3DS to work, I’m exaggerating for the sake of my readers, please don’t reprimand me.)

All in all, I give this game two thumbs up and will recommend it to literally everyone. Play this game. Do it right now. Give in to my demands, and spend money on this. In all actuality, I do recommend you check this game out, and as always, thanks for reading!