I was understandably critical of the show last week, so the show just shoved a big walker pie in my face to humble me, and safe to say for now I am satisfied. This show had a piece that was missing for a bit, a threat, not a slow play down the future threat, but an immediate in your face threat.

Troy on exhile seems to be doing as good as could be expected in his situation, he traveled back to his outpost that he knows. He was able to scrounge up some food, he buried his former friend. He found an awesome launcher weapon, but he decided to sleep outside, which was odd, the next morning he was sitting on the ledge that his friend was murdered on, when he say something in the distance, he points his gun in the air and shoot, and has an ominous smile on his face.

At the ranch, Crazy Horse and Ofelia talk about leadership at the ranch, especially if Madison and Walker do not return. Crazy Horse and Ofelia seem to think Nick would be a perfect candidate, because the people like him, and he does’t want to lead. That night, Troy surprises Nick at the house. Troy knows he is not allowed there but couldn’t stay away, he says that Nick in his own say saved Troy, so he is here to return the favor. A reckoning is coming, something that hasn’t been seen before, that will destroy the ranch completely. Troy wants Nick to get Jake so he can see it, he warns them to escape as soon as possible.

In the morning Jake and Alicia are having a conversation, Jake talks about leaving, taking off to a cabin by the border. It’s safe for two people, it has small amounts of hunting around. Alicia doesn’t want to leave, she says that she needs to stay, the place is to important, even though they don’t have a lot, they have it off better then others. Jake drills Alicia, wondering if this was all a relationship or an alliance. He thinks that it was all a plan from the family all along, Madison was to keep Jeremiah occupied, while Nick was to bond with Troy and Alicia was to seduce Jake. Alicia says no I liked you, I like you, but it doesn’t seem sincere.

Nick goes to Jake’s house to tell him about Troy’s visit. Alicia thinks it’s a trap, which doesn’t escape Jake’s mind too, but they both agree to go. Before he leaves, Alicia makes sure to tell Jake that he is the last good man that she knows. Jake believes that since Troy doesn’t know the north at all, he likely went west to the outpost. On the truck ride over, Nick is the first to notice an extremely large dust storm. They pull over to get a look, and they see an extremely large group of undead, they know if they take a turn they will quickly over run the ranch so they want to get in the truck and lead them in another direction, when they see a large explosion by the walkers and see it’s Troy with a launcher.

Jake is LIVID, but Nick wants to try to have a moment to talk to Troy to talk sense in him. It understandably doesn’t work, Troy is lost, he said that he has been going non stop for 2 days, using noise, and light to lead them. Jake threatens to kill Troy if he fires off another shot, Troy does so Jake doesn’t shoot he just hits him in the head with his gun and pounces on top of him. Jake tries to talk with Troy, basically talking himself into why he needs to do it, he lost his mind, he killed dad, when Troy hints to the trut, Nick does admit that he killed Jeremiah, Jake mulls over it a bit, but comes to terms with it and is ready to kill Troy afterall, when Nick cold cocks Jake knocking him down a hill. He ends up serving him up to some oncoming walkers, Jake is not able to avoid a walker that ends up biting his arm. After Nick and Troy knocks off the walkers, Nick asks Troy how long, how long until the infection spreads, Jake says he doesn’t know, which proves all of his tests at the border was a load of crap. Jake motions to his machete, which as you see above Nick gears up and lops off Jake’s arm.

Back at the ranch, Alicia tells Ofelia what Nick and Jake are doing, how Troy returned, Ofelia is upset because everyone scouts in packs. Alicia says that they are searching for something that is coming to harm them. Crazy Horse later on knowing that something is coming, reluctantly allows everyone to “weapon up” against what is coming. They decide that they are going to have a last stand instead of running. Crazy Horse has an idea of putting all the RV’s lined up like a wall, to guide the walkers down the path away from the ranch as the people will hide on the other side. Alicia doesn’t quite think that is a great idea.

On the road, Troy and Nick head back towards the town, knowing that their is no turning back for the walkers, so they go up on a ledge to see what is happening. Without the town and any chance for a doctor, Jake is doomed to die.

At the ranch, the walkers make their way inside, they do pile up against the RV, some of the walkers climb under the RV’s and are killed, after the first wave is killed they are to bunched up and don’t climb under anymore but try to go in between. With a little more time the RV’s are rocking pretty good with the force and Alicia realizes that when one goes over the walkers are going to come in and kill everyone. Sure enough an RV tumbles as Alicia tells everyone to get to the pantry, which should have been the plan all along. A number of people die, and Cooper gets over taken by some walkers, he tries to kill himself but he is out of bullets. In an emotionally strong moment, and shift for Alicia, she looks at Cooper and says, I got you, and shoots him in the head so he won’t turn.


Cooper, was strong to the very end, sad to see another liked character fall. Photo Credit AMC

After that, Alicia, Ofelia and Crazy Horse are very close to the underground pantry, but are down to one bullet and surrounded by dozens and dozens of walkers. They have to use guns, and hand to hand weapons to fight their way to the pantry which they are somehow able to do, get inside and lock themselves in. While inside, the people of the ranch look at Alicia with the look of, “OK now what do we do?” This seems to be the shift at the ranch for Alicia to be looked as a leader.