On the previous episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – “Truth” Review we saw the demotion of John Walker and the begging of Karli Morgenthau’s plans. Her entire operation thus far has lasted because there are several others who believe that she can create change. The saying “one world, one people” is the flag smasher’s expression of unifying the world by creating equality. Although she is looked at as a villain and terrorist, she is a symbol of how the power of influence is more powerful than any badge or government title. This young woman isn’t in it for the money. She was simply looking to build the future she wished she had.

This doesn’t justify her attempts of killing The Global Repatriation Council or murdering other people. Bucky tried to talk Karli out of her plan, but she remained unphased. I would be lying if I said a small part of me didn’t want to see Karli give John Walker an a** whooping. It was a long-time coming. I could tell that hurting Sam was the last thing that Karli wanted to do, but she wasn’t going to let anyone get in her way. She couldn’t understand how Sam could have compassion for people that probably wouldn’t care about him if he wasn’t an Avenger.

That’s just one more thing to add to the list of reasons why I love Sam Wilson. After she was killed by Sharon Carter, who was also revealed as the Power Broker, Sam held her tight. The public was thankful that Karli was taken down but failed to understand why she did what she did. Sam has brought a new meaning to the stars and stripes by telling the council the truth. The truth was that the council didn’t try to understand the reasoning behind the anti-patriotism movement. Labeling people and making assumptions is easier than taking accountability.

Bucky and Sam were able to trap the other flag smasher to take them into custody. Soon after they were being transported to prison, they were blown up. This scene cuts to Zemo in prison, who is responsible for the explosion. Zemo is very resourceful, so he may not be behind bars for too long. It was grateful that the people of Wakanda decided to lock him up instead of killing him for murdering their former king. He has also been heroic in some way throughout this show.

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Sam Wilson’s public speech had to be one of the best in MCU history. I loved that he wasn’t focused on being Steve Rodgers. Instead, he is creating a new legacy behind the shield that he can be proud of. This validates that Steve was right for giving him the shield. As for John Walker whom, I’m still not a fan of, he will be sticking around as he “U.S Agent.” Val was able o equip him with a new suit. Letting go of the shield was hard for him, and he has made it clear that nothing will stop him from fighting for the country.

Bucky finally put the Winter Soldier behind him. I enjoyed the character changes throughout this series. Hopefully, this marks a new chapter for his character. He can now allow himself to live life without the burden of guilt. Bucky may even get a chance at love again. I highly doubt this will be the last time we will see him in any MCU projects. There may even be a movie in store for him as we usher in the new Marvel phase. I would pay to see Sebastian Stan any day.

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I rated this episode 5 out of 5 stars because this was the perfect wrap-up of this season. I also believe it aided in the adjustment to the marvel universe after the blip. Falcon And The Winter Soldier, along with Wandavision, has caused us to reevaluate what being a hero and a villain really means. In the post-credit scenes, we saw the Council welcome back Sharon Carter, but when she left, she spoke to someone on the phone about her ability to retrieve government secrets. Hopefully, Sam’s favor won’t become a mistake.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier has also brought back the MCU feeling that we’ve been craving all year long. We Marvel fans can’t go too long without a movie, but these Disney Plus series have been entertaining to consume for the time being. The wait will be well worth it as I mentioned before we have a lot of great movies to look forward to. I would love to see the new Captain American and Bucky in action again because their chemistry is amazing. I’m excited to see more Disney Plus series!

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