She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep 8 Review

Well, after weeks of asking for it, Marvel finally gave the fans what they wanted. They gave us Daredevil. For those who thought that the man without fear would be the episode’s highlight, though, there is no need to worry about it. It gets better…or worse, if you’re Jen. 

Leapfrog Gets Served by Daredevil

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So, the episode starts off with someone who might take the all-time record for “lamest superhero ever”, Leapfrog. Except he’s not really a superhero, but a dumb, spoiled adult whose dad’s rich enough to get him a frog-themed supersuit designed by Luke Jacobson. When said suit injures him while stopping crime, though, Eugene Patilio wants to hold Luke accountable. And since his dad is a big friend of her boss, She-Hulk gets tapped to represent him. 

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep 8-Matt Murdock is In
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That assignment proves to be a disastrous one. Not only does Luke sever ties with her out of rage, but she then gets humiliated by her opponent, Matt Murdock. In just a few minutes, the blind lawyer proves it was Leapfrog’s own stupidity that was at fault (that’s what happens when you use jet fuel in a super suit!) As a result, She-Hulk feels humiliated. It only gets worse from there when Patilio gets attacked by Daredevil.

Wait, what?

Super Lawyer Team Up

So, it turns out, rather than realize that it was all his fault and rethink his life, Patilio kidnapped Luke to make him another suit. Since Daredevil gets his costumes from the tailor, the man with no fear goes to rescue him, only for She-Hulk to get duped into being involved. 

Personally, I found this entire situation to be hilarious for so many reasons. Firstly, we have Leapfrog. I have seen some dumb heroes and villians before, but Leapfrog has to be one of the dumbest. I think that Sprig from Amphibia made for a better frog-themed superhero. Even when he tries to be threatening, I couldn’t take him seriously.

Secondly, I loved the dynamics between She-Hulk and Daredevil. Both are lawyers, got their powers through events beyond their control, and they have a lot of witty banter. Gone is the super-serious man from the Netflix series, in favor of a more light-hearted Daredevil. That, and seeing them argue about their opposing methods of taking out the bad guy’s was pretty funny. 

In the end, Leapfrog gets what he deserves (more injuries and jail time), Luke forgives She-Hulk, and Jen and Matt…they spend the night together.

 It’s too bad that they live on different sides of the country. If they worked as heroes and as lawyers, they’d be unstoppable. 

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Speaking of which, this episode marked the debut of She-Hulk in the super suit made for her by Luke, and I liked it. It took a lot from her costume in the comics, but also spun it into a style that made it its own. Case in point, it reminded me of the track suits worn by the students at UA High in My Hero Academia

She-Hulk Gets Slut-Shamed

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep 8-Damage Control
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Despite seemingly ending on a high note, though, as Jen herself lampshades, having ten minutes left in the show means that something big’s about to happen-which it does. 

At a gala where Jen’s nominated (and wins) the award for female lawyer of the year, Intelligencia strikes in the worst way possible. Hijacking the teleprompter, they flood it with all this personal information from Jen’s phone and saying that Jen stole the Hulk’s powers. However, the worst blow they make is one that I’m surprised Disney even allowed Marvel to do. They release a video recording of her having sex with someone for everyone to see.

This moment. This single moment may be one of the most messed-up thing’s that I have ever seen in the MCU. And that’s counting how Mysterio outed Spider-Man’s identity and the witch hunt led by J. Jonah Jameson that followed. I was genuinely horrorified to see this personal, intimate moment of Jen’s life, her happiness, get leaked for everyone to see. It’s trolling at its absolute worst, no one should go through it, and it leaves She-Hulk understandably enraged.

Trolls Suck

Tragically, that’s exactly what Intelligencia wanted. They wanted to make her snap, let everyone see her lose control for a moment, and make her look like a monster. They’re forcefully reminding the world that being a Hulk can be dangerous for everyone. And the end result is her getting cornered by Damage Control as the episode draws to an end and she realizes what’s happened.

Jen was well within her right to get angry, and she was in the right to pummel the troll who stuck around to watch. However, that’s not how the public will see it. Unless she fixes this, all they’ll see is another Hulk losing control, even though she wasn’t at fault for any of this. It sucks big time! One thing’s for sure, though: Jen might want to call Matt for some help. That, and I cannot wait for the finale next week, and hope Daredevil returns for more.

I Give “Ribbit and Rip It” a 4.5/5

Stray Observations

  • According to Matt Murdock, the Sokovia Accords were repealed. Cap Wins!