Once beloved actor Kevin Spacey has taken the ultimate fall from grace, much like his ruthless alter ego Frank Underwood in the Netflix mega-hit House of Cards. But there’s no smooth-talking his way out of this, and last week Netflix announced that they are officially severing ties with Spacey. All production has been halted on House of Cards season 6, which was to be its final season.


Source: Netflix

It is unclear whether or not House of Cards plans to round out the final season of the show without Spacey, though personally I think they will. House of Cards was one of the first Netflix original series, and it still ranks among the best and most popular. I’ve always felt that the only proper exit for one Frank Underwood was on par with Walter White’s finale, and it seems now that if the show is to continue there can be no other ending. There are very few shows that can pull off a stunt like that, but if any show could do it, it would be House of Cards. There are many other strong characters that could step up and complete the series. I would be most interested in seeing how Claire handles a world without Frank; I imagine it would be with the utmost grace, dignity, and strength. Truthfully, I have always felt that the show should somehow end with Claire, not Frank. And with Season 5’s dramatic and unexpected ending, it seems that this was the plan all along. Of course, the circumstances under which this is taking place are terrible. But in a way this is fitting, because Frank Underwood will not go down in a blaze of glory, but rather shamed, disgraced, and with years of work discredited instantly. It fits almost too well, actually. For a show which capitalizes on corruption, manipulation, abuse of power, and violence, this is the most violent end of all.