Whisperer’s got a visit by the bad guy Negan, and damn if it wasn’t glorious. Negan got to talk with Alpha finally, Alpha does seem to be intrigued by him, though it’s very clear that Beta wants nothing to do with him. Negan is tested all sorts of ways by Beta at the request of Alpha. Negan has to dig a hole, not originally given any dimensions, he has to kill a boar after being shot with an arrow with a pocket knife. He has to help bury the boar to cook it, bury it, and unseen but likely to be dug back up.

Negan, that beautiful bastard, sure was pushing Beta’s buttons. In return, Beta won’t let Negan have any of the boar, Negan made sure to ramble off all the things he did to make that meal happen, but sees Alpha watching and says OK boss and goes to sit down. The Whisper that shot the boar gives Nega his piece of meat, which Beta sees and wont forget.

Later, on another walk, to honestly I have no idea where, Negan and Beta square off again, Negan tells the big man he is there for Alpha and he is not going anywhere. But Beta kills the Whisper that gave him meat, so all the walkers will hear and attack Negan and leaves him to die. Beta reports back to Alpha that he is dead as he was weak, but Negan returns yelling up a storm. You can tell Alpha is extremely intrigued, Negan kneels and says what he has is hers, and she tells him to shhhhh.

At Hilltop, we see Eugene working on the radio, he has a quick chat with Rosita, and then Taterbug does end up making contact with someone unknown. Eugene, ends up opening up a bit to much, but the two agree to keep talking regularly to build a rapport. She won’t share any of her details, but it’s a start.


Eugene wonders if he can order delivery. Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Carol, lies and tries to run off but Daryl tags along. She tried to play off she was looking for Negan, but she says she is looking for Alpha’s horde. Neither of those end up being true, as the two do go into Whisper territory to “look” around, when in reality Carol went with the intention of stealing a Whisper to bring back for interrogation. Daryl is mad, but at this point their is no turning back.

In Alexandria, the sickness is spreading like wild fire! Rosita is sick, it seems a good twenty people are sick. We are led to believe obviously that the walker blood in the water from Gamma is to blame. I don’t understand why we haven’t seen Aaron in Alexandria during this. To top it all off Siddiq has entered crazy town as he now sleep walks while holding his baby.