Space has been one of the most popular and prevalent themes in gaming since the early days of technology. While the gaming industry has ballooned in stature, the number of genres has also expanded, with games now being made about virtually anything. But, despite this, space themes have always endured. Games set in space can be found on every platform, in all types of gaming, highlighting their mass appeal. Here are some of the best space-themed titles designed to appeal to different types of player.

Space Invaders

It would be impossible to write an article about space-related games without mentioning the landmark title that started it all. Space Invaders wasn’t only influential to the space genre either, it also inspired the shoot ‘em up niche that has found such great success since the early days of gaming. The simple idea of the 1978 Taito title was for players to move a gun and keep shooting at an onslaught of aliens. It grossed $3.8 billion within four years of its release and became the best-selling entertainment product of all time in 1982.

The addictive arcade offering showed the potential of the gaming industry in the early days. Gaming machines suddenly went from being novel inventions to commercial successes. Developers and technology companies quickly realized how lucrative the industry would become, which is why so much money and effort was pumped into progressing the sector. This is why the gaming industry has grown so rapidly ever since the 1980s.


Starburst is one of the most successful slot games ever made, and it helped put its developer, NetEnt, on the map. The game draws upon two incredibly popular themes – space and nostalgia. The colorful graphics and sparkling jewels juxtaposed on the dark background of space make this a visually pleasing game. When playing the Starburst casino game, players get a sense that they are spinning the reels in the outer stretches of the universe, on a path of discovery into the great unknown.

The retro feel comes with the game design, harking back to the classic arcade titles of the 1980s. It has also been lauded for its simplicity, and the way players can easily get the hang of it within a matter of seconds. While there are many other space slots on the market, Starburst manages to stand out from the crowd and has constantly retained its place at the top of the tree in online casino markets.

Mass Effect

For console and PC players, the Mass Effect franchise has set the bar for space games over the last 15 years. This is the series that all others are compared to, and developers involved in the genre are trying to beat. For an in-depth, rich and detailed space gaming experience, this is one of the best series. It has been met with universal acclaim and was lauded for its narrative and expansive universe.

The first Mass Effect was developed by BioWare and released in 2007. There have been three more games in the main series since then, with Mass Effect 2 often regarded as the best of them all. The 2011 title won numerous Game of The Year awards and is considered to be one of the all-time great gaming experiences.

Space is one of the most enduring genres in gaming, and there have been some fantastic offerings over the years. The great thing about this theme is that there is no limit to what is possible, just as the universe is seemingly infinite. There will likely be more amazing space-based games in the future.