Whooooooooo! Vivian is about to take us on a little trip back in time and where we’re going, you’re gonna need a big seatbelt. There’s not really a lot going on in the forefront. Nate has just killed Xavier (Laurel’s brother) and Frank is not too happy about it. Connor and Michaela’s deals have just been trashed, since Annalise ratted them out. So they are trying to work out a new deal. They plan to tell nothing but straight lies on Annalise to save their own skin. But what will this new deal consist of? Who gets hurt as a result of all these lies?

But back to Vivian, who is dropping bombs on Annalise. BOOM! Let take a trip down memory lane. Man, talk about a super jam packed informational flashback. Some things we can remember from other episodes and other things are brand new to us. Like the fact that Vivian did in fact get that email from Sam, and that she responded. He’s a piece of work though. But maybe it may not be all his fault. I am not saying that means he shouldn’t take responsibility for his actions, but none of them warranted murder. Truth be told, it doesn’t seem like he really liked Annalise. So did he only stay because Vivian rejected him? Possibly. But he did try and come back home, the timing of it was horrible.

Vivian starts bringing to light certain things that she has noticed over the years and about Hannah (Sam’s sister). The little bit we know of her, was that she was a bitch. But that could have just been attributed to the suspicious death of her brother. Which is to be expected. We also know that Sam was rich and that he was all but neglected as a child. Vivian then just sheds a little light on a few things including how Hannah acted with her and with Annalise. Well, she tried it with Annalise but it didn’t work out too well. But even she sensed that something was not quite right. So Sam and his sister Hannah were left to their own devices with everything thing they could possibly wish for, but the love of a parent. Turns out Hannah’s possessiveness is not just a huge brother complex. And it seems like she had a certain level of control over Sam as well, because she was the oldest. Hannah found love in her brother. Like on some Cersei Lannister type love, except they weren’t twins. Yeah gross. But as it begins to make sense to us, it also makes sense to Annalise. She is struggling with this information and lashes out at Vivian. But however mad she may be, she cannot deny that it does fit together a little too perfectly. Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.

Hannah is jealous of Vivian and then Annalise. But that is not the only ugly feeling going around. Annalise got Frank out of jail. We never really learn very much about where Frank comes from or who he truly is. All we know is that he took some money from a lady and Annalise’s son ends up dead. This was the catalyst. None of this was the same after that. Sam tried to go back to Vivian, Frank basically devoted his life to Annalise, and Annalise well she was grieving and begging Sam to grieve with her, but he can’t. And Sam treats Frank like garbage? But why? His is excuse is the death of their son, but it’s deeper than that. Especially when we see how he blocks Frank from any type of contact with Hannah. But Frank is around everyone else without a problem. Could it be, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. (Here’s me secretly hoping Annalise tells on all their ungrateful behinds.) Frank was the muscle of the operation or Sam’s little errand boy. He did kill Lila for him and he is an ex-con.

Saint Nate now has 2 bodies on his hands and he is investigating a few things. Running with Gabriel’s eyewitness confession he does a little digging. And he comes to the conclusion that it boils down to the Castillo’s once again. So he feels justified in killing Xavier. Or he’s just a murderer. But yet and still Annalise is the hated one. again the only one who hasn’t actually killed someone. This is at the forefront of the show, to know that we are still connected to the presence and this information is relevant.

Annalise has to do some soul searching herself because she believes Vivian but doesn’t trust her. But again that hindsight gets her every time and unfortunately, everything fits with what Vivian is saying. She also remembers a fight that she and Sam had after their son died and he says there are things that happened to him that would change how she sees him. No matter how much she tries to get him to open up, he won’t. He s truly messed up and he has no way of stopping it. Why can’t he stop it? He’s just as broken as the women he loved. But after doing some digging to verify Vivian’s story of incest, they come across some information about Hannah. She missed 83 days of school in her senior year.

Gabriel is packing up to leave. He feels like he still didn’t get closure on the death of his father and we can see that he still can’t fully accept it. Vivian tries to give him a pep talk but it does no good. Everyone is on edge with the trial going on and their freedom at stake. But it’s not our normal way of things because there are now 2 separate groups working against each other. Well, they’re against Annalise and Annalise is just trying to stay alive. But while she is pondering this bomb that Vivian dropped and they find out that Hannah missed so much school because she had a baby. And that baby is proof of Sam and Hannah’s sexual relationship. This child is their love child and his name is Frank.

And now everything makes sense. The reason why Annalise is on trial now is due to Hannah’s obsessive love for her brother. But how will this play out? How can Annalise use this information to win her trial? And who is gonna tell friend the upsetting news?