Indie farming games are some of my most favorite to share. Sure, big-name titles like Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon are great. However, these big names have been pillars of the genre for far too long. I think it is only fair that virtual farmers know that there are other titles out there. That is why I am sharing Peachleaf Pirates with all of you today.

peachleaf pirates
Source: Peachleaf Pirates’ Twitter

The Plot

Peachleaf Pirates is a point-and-click game with farming elements. The story begins with the player washing up on the shore of a pixelated paradise. After losing everything, including their memory, the player is left with only one option; make the best of this new situation. Making friends with the eccentric locals will pave the way to creating the perfect homestead. Aspiring farmers can cultivate a variety of unique crops or raise unusual animals, including dinosaurs! If the relaxing sight of fields is not your cup of tea, there are always new places to explore and unlock ancient mysteries with hints of combat. Overall, Peachleaf Pirates is full of adventure and great times for all players.  


When I first saw the trailer for Peachleaf Pirates, I immediately got Moonlighter vibes. The graphics are adorable, and the music was soothing. I felt immersed into the world the moment I hit play. The character interactions are playful without being over the top. I mean, getting called an “oversized flatbread” should be insulting. However, I find it charming without being overly quirky. Then there is the farming element. Who would not want to raise dinosaurs? There is nothing about this game, based on the trailer, that I find unappealing. In the end, Peachleaf Pirates looks like it will be a smashing success.

Odds and Ends

Peachleaf Pirates will be available on Steam for PC players in June 2021. If you want to be up-to-date on the latest intel, head on down to their Reddit or Twitter. Gamers can also find information via Wishlisting Peachleaf Pirates on Steam.