This past week, I had the absolute privilege and pleasure of being on the We Are The Watchers Podcast with Lia and Tom. We Are The Watchers is a weekly Australian pop-culture podcast packed with tons of television and movie recommendations. I highly recommend that you check them out! We talked about so many great topics, and I want to give you some highlights of the episode.

Since We are the Watchers are located in Australia, it was only fitting that we started the podcast off talking about Neighbours and how amazing this fandom really is since it’s lasted over 30 years now. Shout out to Lindsey and her fabulous Ramsay Street Round Ups! We move onto the news that Amazon Prime Video is in talks with Jim Carrey for an Ace Ventura 3 after releasing Coming 2 America and Borat 2. While I am hopeful, I doubt it will get farther than talks. There is so much pressure to do these re-boots, and very few actually succeed. The one thing that Amazon does have in its favor is the money factor. Who else would have enough money to score Jensen Ackles for The Boys and be able to do a Lord of The Rings TV series. We then jump into a discussion about The Boys Season 3 and The Boys Spin-Off that’s currently being cast!

I go on to find out that Keanu Reeves has released his own comic book, BRZRKR. He will also be starring in the film and animated series that Netflix picked up about the comic book. Is there anything this man can’t do? Apparently, not. Tom recommends, though, that you check this first edition out because it’s amazing. Also, Marvel has announced that they will do an Aliens: Predator series set after the films. It sounds very Sarah Connor-eques. We get sidetracked talking about top Disney movies but then get back on track with Tenant. As the person who has to schedule out content for The Game of Nerds, one of my biggest pet peeves is when premiere dates keep jumping. After the 3rd time of moving a premiere date, I’m usually over it. Tenant was one of those movies. This brings up the discussion of how the theaters are struggling and our fond memories like watching Avengers: End Game. We have the quickest chat ever about Zach Snyder’s DC cut. I’ve yet to see it since it will take me multiple nights to watch it. In the end, I am really happy for our amazing DC Cosplayers and fans to have something to be excited about! Tom argues that DC fans also have the Arrowverse and the other CW shows. I explain how a lot of these series have lost their luster. Frankly, I lost track years ago when things started to get over-complicated, but Tom goes on to recommend Superman and Lois.

We jumped onto Falcon and Winter Solider chats which I was dying to talk about. I actually just saw the first episode the night before, so it was fresh in my brain. I’ve had an obsession with Bucky Barnes and Sebastian Stan for years now, so I was ready for this series to premiere. In comparison to WandaVision, I love Falcon and The Winter Solider so much more. WandaVision felt like a strange, rushed storyline of chaos. This newest Disney+ series picked me up and dropped me off back in the MCU where I wanted to be. This episode was recorded before Marvel announced the movie lineup for the rest of 2021 and when Black Widow will be released. But for once, I’m so glad to see that we finally have a solid update on when all these new Marvel movies come out.

I break it to Tom and Lia that I haven’t really seen anything scary since I live with a Scaredy Cat for a husband. The most recent thing I’ve watched with the slightest bit of scare factor had to be our murder documentary binge of the Netflix Docs on the Night Stalker and Cecil Hotel. I recommend Night Stalker, but Cecil Hotel is worth skipping. This brings to mind the latest documentary I watched that blew my mind, Fake Famous on HBO Max. We chat about the insanity of influencer life and how fame can essentially be bought. It’s an eye-opening reality into what is going on behind the scenes of your favorite social media platforms and people you follow. It’s not as easy as it looks. It’s a flat-out business.

Finally, we talk about The Walking Dead. This is a series that is near and dear to my heart. I started The Game of Nerds with this series along with the Arrowverse shows. Jon has been the only other human to cover the series and its spin-offs. Thanks to him, I at least had some knowledge of what’s going on. Andy and I stopped watching shortly after Negan arrived and Carl died. These bonus COVID episodes that we’ve been getting have given fans some great character development and backstory to some of our favorite Walking Dead characters. They are almost little mini fanfictions. I also have to say that I love how well The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are so well intertwined like the MCU is. We finish out the episode with a great game of “Would You Rather?”

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