Gaming nowadays is more than a hobby. Professional gaming, whether through competitions or through streaming, has become a legitimate career, and many gamers around the world view making a living out of playing video games as the dream. However, achieving that dream means that gamers have to be entertaining, and the best way to achieve that is through showcasing winning gameplay. Unless you’re good at your game of choice, it’s practically impossible to find success in professional gaming

Becoming a better gamer however isn’t simply limited to those who want to pursue dreams of a professional gaming career. Even casual gamers can benefit from taking steps to become a better gamer. By striving to become better, you’re going to be able to enjoy the game more, and you might even find yourself having more people to play with, since everyone wants to play with a winner.

Whether you’re someone who wants to develop your gaming skills with the goal of becoming a professional, or you’re an avid gamer who just wants to be better than your friends, taking these tips into consideration will significantly make you a better gamer. 

Pick the Right Game for You

The best gamers are known for their proficiency in their game of choice. This is obvious because once you’ve picked the game you want to stick with, you can dedicate all your efforts towards improvement in that one game or game type.

Do you like the unbridled thrill of FPS games or do you prefer the strategic play of MOBAs? Take these into consideration and choose the game that you want to spend the most time on and exert all your efforts in that game. 

Equip Yourself with the Proper Gear

You can never go wrong in investing in proper gaming gear. While purchasing great gear might cost you a few bucks, it can definitely make a difference in your journey towards becoming a better gamer.

For example, by purchasing a more responsive mechanical keyboard, a better gaming mouse, or a paddle controller, you give yourself the opportunity not just to enhance your gaming experience, but also gain an edge over the competition. 

Establish Tangible Goals 

As with any other skill-based endeavor, repetition brings improvement. Simply put, constantly playing games will help you develop the mechanical skills and game sense required to reach the next level.

However, just playing everyday may quickly turn into an aimless venture and you may feel like you’re not seeing any improvement unless you set tangible goals. Whether it be by setting a goal of reaching a specific kill/death ratio or match making rating, you should be aiming for milestones that will serve as touchstones of your improvement. 

Form a Solid Team 

Most of the top competitive games today are team-based games. While you can find success and improvement by playing with randoms, it can sometimes get stressful to deal with the toxicity of players you don’t know and to adjust on the fly with their playing styles. 

It’s much better to form a team with people you know or to find a consistent group of players you can play and develop chemistry with. By consistently playing together, you can form a role that you’re most comfortable playing and develop chemistry with your teammates which will help you bring the best out from each other. 

Record Yourself and Analyze Replays

Much like professional athletes, gamers can also improve their play by watching their previous sessions.Look out the reviews about various games. Take the time to record your games and analyze how you’ve played, and particularly look for both exceptionally good and bad games.

Try to see how you’ve been able to help your team and look for your good plays to know what your strengths are, and look for the mistakes you’ve made so that you can figure out what you need to avoid doing in the future and improve on. 

Choose Your Competition

Most competitive games today offer ranked modes that match players up based on their skill level, and it’s highly advised to opt for these game modes rather than unranked game modes where you play with players of all skill levels.

By playing ranked, you get to play with people who are more or less on the same level as you, and you get to avoid the pitfalls of playing with players who are either on a lower or higher skill level than you. Playing with solely lower-skilled players will not challenge you and will not give you any points for improvement. On the other hand, although you may be forced to adapt by always playing with better players, getting constantly crushed might take its toll on your motivation and self-esteem. 

Remain Consistent

To get to the next level, you have to invest time. Nobody can get better overnight, or even within a few weeks. You should be consistent with your habits and consciously make efforts to achieve improvement.

Play consistently while ensuring that you maintain a healthy balance in your life. The road to improvement is yours and yours alone to build.