If there was one sporting positive that came from the Covid-19 lockdown it was that a lot of sporting federations across the world came to a sudden realization as to just how much potential eSports can have when it comes to making extra money. During the lockdowns, sporting organizations and players were only able to provide fans with live video game content since all actual sport was stopped to stop the spread of the virus. Therefore, football teams and players turned to playing FIFA, while basketball played turned to NBA 2K. These events attracted sports fans from across the globe as they were the only modes of entertainment.

Cricket Did Not Get Involved

Cricket boards and players are yet to pay much attention to virtual play, meaning that eSports is one of the few areas in the gaming world that has not been explored by cricket. We are pretty surprised by this to be honest as we feel that cricket eSports would get plenty of attention from cricket fans across the globe, especially in countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. We feel that there would be a lot of hype if it was announced that there would soon be an Indian Premier League eSport event. Some of the world’s best gamers, real-life cricket commentators, and a handful of the best Indian cricket players would lead to an awesome eSports event. 

Is There a Cricket Game That Could Become Successful in the eSports World?

Tennis, football, basketball and Formula 1 all have plenty of eSports titles, which is why we are quite shocked that cricket is yet to jump on the bandwagon and create a game that is perfect for an eSports league and eSports beginners. There have been many different attempts by software creators to develop a cricket game that can compete with games such as FIFA 20, but there has not been one that has been as successful so far. EA Sports and the ICC used to have an engagement, and their games were quite popular a couple of decades ago, but they had to be discontinued due to licensing issues, piracy, and copyright. 

The only organization in world cricket that can say they are at the top of their game with regards to technology and cricket is Cricket Australia. They are fully aware of eSports potential and have teamed up with Big Ant Studios and have helped to develop Cricket 19, a game that they really hope will encourage other cricket boards to join in the eSport revolution. If you sit down and compare cricket games, you will find that Cricket 19 is the most realistic. We are not exaggerating when we say that you get an authentic experience with this game. 

Despite this realism though, there is one thing you cannot do while playing this game that you can do when watching real-life cricket, and that is place bets on it. However, if you enjoy betting on cricket matches just as much as you enjoy playing cricket-themed video games, there are many real-life games that happen over the course of a year that you can place bets on.

When we feel like taking a break from playing fantasy cricket and do a spot of cricket betting online, we follow the link as this is where we find great cricket odds. We are always looking out for the best cricket-themed games, so why should we not always be on the lookout for the best cricket odds? 

Will Cricket eSports Catch On?

Nautilus Mobile is an Indian-based company that has developed a mobile-based game that they have called Real Cricket. At this current moment, more than 50 million Indians have taken the time to download this game, but it still has not got much support from official cricket boards or organizations. Although there have been several tournaments throughout India using this game, there is still a long way for it to go before we can classify it as an official game. 

The number of spectators and investors in the eSports world is growing continuously, and it will only continue to do so since technology is getting better and better and we are all becoming even more connected because of it. At this moment, it is estimated that India has 120 million gamers, and the expansion of their technology sector is only going to increase these figures. To put it another way, what we are telling you is the India’s eSports scene is growing at a rate that nobody ever thought possible. 

We are definitely not exaggerating when we say that eSports will soon catch up with cricket in terms of popularity – and everyone knows the love Indians have for this sport. If cricket will ever become a popular eSport, then India is going to have a big say in making that happen.