Guess whose back!? The Walking Dead has finally returned for it’s 6 episode extension to season 10. It was very nice to be able to watch the Walking Dead again, despite the obvious challenges because of Covid-19 the episode was really well done. Without being able to rely on a ton of walkers filling up the screen they were able to focus more on character development. Talk about just what was needed, between bringing Maggie back to the fold, to her child Hershel, to new allies it was great to get a chance to focus on the characters and conflicts instead of a pile of walkers blocking the storyline.

We didn’t waste anytime at all for Maggie to see that Negan is out of his cell and able to roam free. Negan made sure to tell Maggie that he didn’t escape he has been let out. Maggie didn’t say a word and stormed off very upset. In the time away Maggie has acquired some amazing skills with a throwing knife as shown killing some walkers, speaking of amazing skills we learn that her masked guard wielding two weapons is named Elijah, she also has another close guard named Cole. Elijah doesn’t seem to talk very much or at all, while Cole is a very opiniated loud mouthed jerk.

Maggie was leading a village of people, it got overrun and she decided she would take the people back to safety to live at the Hilltop. But, we know that won’t work out for now. Daryl, Carol and others take this group to the Hilltop, Maggie can see the destruction and all the piled up walker bodies. At this point Carol decides it is the best time to tell Maggie that Negan was with the Whisperers when this happened. She continues that Alpha needed to die and he was the best chance to make that happen. He is the reason that they didn’t lose everything, at this point Maggie realizes that Carol let him out. Carol said she wanted to make sure she heard the truth from her, Maggie is hurt obviously but thanks Carol for telling her the truth. Now the plan is to pivot and head to Alexandria, at this point Cole chimes in that everyone is supposed to go live with Negan the person who killed Maggie’s husband? Daryl seems annoyed and says they are all still trying to figure things out. Carol stays back at the Hilltop as everyone else sets sites on Alexandria but first have to take a detour to the camp that Maggie’s people set up.

Cole is a very opiniated person, while Elijah has that quiet savageness about him. We do learn he is shy in the episode. James Devoti as Cole, Okea Eme-Akwari as Elijah – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 17 – Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC

Elijah and Cole read the distance of the sun to get an idea of when night will hit, they don’t think they can get back to camp in time so they insist on trying to find some shelter. Maggie has her eyes set on some storage containers behind a fence. Maggie, Elijah, Cole, Daryl and Kelly all work on clearing the area of walkers, or locking a container of walkers, during this Maggie slices her arm up pretty bad. At night Daryl and Maggie have some small chats about things, Maggie says that Georgie and the twins heard about some place out west so they set off to go investigate it while Maggie and Hershel stayed at the village until it fell, she said some things about it are to tough to talk about, but saying some things out loud is actually helpful.

In the morning a walker makes it’s way into their little enclosure and Kelly was supposed to be on watch duty, the group tracks her down I assume somewhere close as Kelly was looking at a big rig for her sister. Daryl tells Maggie that Kelly lost her sister and she says that Elijah just recently lost her sister too. It doesn’t turn up any leads so they press onto the camp. As they get somewhat close Daryl notices a lot of smoke in the distance, Cole says, “shit it’s them, they found us.” At the camp there is two burned bodies, no signs of Hershel. Cole and Maggie are shook at the thought of this group. They refer to them as Reapers, and that they just destroy places for no real reason. After looking all around Daryl is able to find some footsteps so they follow the trail until they split off. Daryl and Maggie go one way, Elijah, Cole and Kelly go the other.

While in the woods Daryl is able to track down and capture someone but it is one of Maggie’s friends. Three people are sort of pinned down, Hershel is not with them. While talking about what to do next one of the men is shot. The two females take off running and another of the ladies is shot and left out to die. Daryl and Maggie have some cover behind trees and realize that the placement of the shot female is a trap to lure out the others. Sure enough the last survivor, Mia comes to check on the downed female and is also shot. In some of her last breaths she points in a direction that she saw Hershel. With the timing of the bullets Maggie and Daryl knows it’s just one sharpshooter.

The two split, Maggie makes it to the gun but it’s abandoned, the man was hiding in camo and comes out and attacks Maggie hand to hand. Maggie ends up in a trap and is hanging by her foot in a tree. Daryl comes to her aid but this large man just chucks Daryl against a tree, things are looking pretty bad, but Maggie is able to free herself from the trap. She is about to charge the man again when Kelly shoots the man in the chest with a crossbow bolt. Everyone surrounds the man trying to get answers, he doesn’t answer anything besides one question, “Pope marked you.” as to why he is doing this. At this he takes out a grenade and blows himself up! Hopefully someone picked up his gun.

Maggie and Daryl head in the direction that Nia pointed, Maggie whistles and sure enough Hershel is just hanging out in a tree away from danger. After everyone is all back together they continue to Alexandria. Daryl didn’t know what happened to Alexandria, Negan, Carol and others are putting it back together again. Cole asks if this is home and Maggie says yes. As they walk inside Negan is working, sees Maggie and Hershel and you can tell that man is shook at the sight!