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Maya feels a tickle down there, which becomes kind of an addiction, distracting her from her best friend who really needs her.


This episode, was something that I was not expecting, but it made perfect sense, because this is about two teens who are growing up and dealing with mature issues. You don’t see this topic, which lets just say it; masturbation, talked about a lot on TV, so it was interesting that this episode dove head on into the subject. Particularly, Maya’s journey. Once discovering masturbation, let’s just say, that she becomes obsessed and never wants to stop. I know we all have our stories about when we discovered masturbation and I personally, am not going to share the details, but I’ll of course give my opinions about the subject.

With storyline one, which is Maya’s story, I don’t know about everyone else’s experience with masturbation, but I feel like this was heightened a bit. Yes, when you discover that masturbation can make you feel good, you can’t believe that you’ve never tried the it before, but I’m not sure that your hormones are ragging that much, that all you’re thinking about is pleasing yourself 24/7. It made me laugh, because the show made it seem like Maya’s senses where extremely heightened, and everything she looked at, turned her on. She even had to lie to Anna about what she was going to do in the bathroom. And I think they took it a little far, when Maya had to lie to Anna a second time, about not wanting to hang with her, and saying that she was going to Sam’s house, to do a math project. It just seemed like every scene was Maya getting off, and I kind of wished that her and Anna had talked more about the topic. Then we were introduced to Maya’s Ojichan, which translates to her grandfather, and while her and her family were celebrating his birthday, her mother said that he watches over them every day. I thought it was kind of a weird choice to have Maya’s Ojichan, be the voice of reason, to have her stop masturbating, with him appearing as this kind of ghost, haunting her. But at least, he started the conversation between Maya and Anna, and they finally talked somewhat about putting their hands between their legs. I also thought it was a let down when Maya and Anna were talking to each other about the issue, because it was a definite miscommunication between them. I’m guessing that Anna understood what Maya was doing when she was alone, but when Anna admitted that she put her hands between her legs too, and it was revealed that she did it in a more protective/comfort situation, and also not in her pants, it was a different interpretation altogether and very innocent. I just thought there was a missed opportunity for a discussion that we don’t see on TV, and I would have liked to see how they both would have dealt with the issue and how they both thought about the act.

Going back now to Anna’s storyline. There wasn’t much to it, but we did get some insight into her family life. We saw that her parents are having a hard time getting along, and that it’s definitely affecting Anna too. She wanted to have fun with Maya, by calling in to a radio station, to get B’Witched tickets, which yes, this group was super popular back in the day, but that obviously didn’t happen. And when she hears from Maya that she has other plans, which was to go to Sam’s house to work on a math project, she decides to head over there. She finds out that Maya was lying about where she was, and I felt bad for Anna, because she knew her friend was keeping a secret from her, and she didn’t know why. Like they’ve talked about before, they’re suppose to do everything together, and this was one other case, where Anna felt betrayed. Thankfully, we come back full circle, to Maya and Anna together, using the Ouija board to contact Maya’s Ojichan, and all is revealed about what Maya has been doing. At least these two talked things out and made up.