Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art! Once again, we’ve got another tough top three, and a variety of emotions. We’ve got cute, we’ve got relief, and we’ve got a literal sushi dragon.

Let’s jump right into things, starting with the #7 pick:

7. Valentine’s Love

So we did get a Valentine’s Day pic after all! And what an adorable piece, courtesy of Kikimochan. Seriously, if you like skunks, you ought to follow her, as she never disappoints with how she draws ’em. Who says skunks can’t be romantic, eh?

Gotta love the different body types as well. Kikimo’s skunk looks like she’s got a bit more weight to her, but who says that can’t look cute? Couple that with a fluffy looking bean bag, huge fluffy tails, and a loving partner, and you’ve got one great Valentine’s Day pic!

6. Reminiscence

From loving Valentine’s Day to…whatever you call this. Contemplative? Whatever it is, it looks cool, and that huge bright halo makes this piece hard to miss. The character’s darker fur goes great as a contrast between that and the rest of the pic, with the glowing eyes going with the glowing halo. It really looks like some sort of ascention or revelation is going on here.

This was described as a “Song Commission” where Krysiilys takes a song and does a picture to it. Now that’s a great approach to art – especially when it gives us awesome pieces like this.

5. Bartender

KuroAme takes the #5 spot with this stellar, sleek-looking bartender. There’s also something…interesting about her. I don’t know – maybe it’s the strange tail, the sharp nails, or the black and purple eyes. She kinda looks like the sort of bartender you’d catch in the underworld part of town. And Kuro really nailed the hands in regards to the pour of the drink.

The bills and coins with paws on them is a nice little cute touch.

4. Salomet’s Talismen

Newcomer Azsola hits us hard with a sweet dragon and shark duo. Now, I don’t know what a pink shark would be doing so far from water, but that’s the great thing about furry art – you can really do whatever you want with your characters.

And Azsola did quite a bit with this one! For example, check out all of the detail in each characters’ outfits. Fitted plates of armor, packs of chain link, arcane writing on a robe, and the ever-classic wooden wizard’s staff. And of course, some lovely treasure.

Speaking of great finds, it’s time for the honorable mentions, starting with:

Giant beetles, keep ’em away! Art by ByoWT
A close call happily averted. Art by Derideal
Lovely time out in the forest. Art by Kebi

After you’re done with the honorable mentions c’mon back – we’ve got the top three to check out, starting with:

3. Stay Quiet

Kardie is another newcomer kicking off the top three with this awesome sneaky cat swinging on down a rope. She looks like something out of a furry Dungeons & Dragons!

What I really like about this one is the pose. It looks super dynamic and I love the sense of movement suggested by her pose, the swinging rope, and the angle she’s moving at. Just remember to keep quiet – you don’t want to give away her position!

2. Dance of Dragons

Sixth Leaf Clover has done a lot of pictures mixing dragons and sushi, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she has a sushi dragon character. I don’t think she’s part food though – the name appears to come from how she kinda looks like a roll of sushi. However, she’s got her hands full! It’s Sixth Leaf, so you know there’s bound to be little dragons going around doing things.

This time around, they seem to be behaving…for the most part. You have a little red dragon trying to set a plant on fire, the naughty thing! Honesty, there are so many little dragons doing so many little things, and the sushi dragon Sashimi’s frantic pose makes this a fun piece to look at.

Now, onto the #1 pick for this week:

1. Cyber Zone

A team-up effort by Orphen-Sirius & VagabondBastard brings us a really cool #1 piece! Seriously, take a look around – there are so many different characters of different species and outfits. Orphen did an outstanding job with the line art work and the colors, adding some nice personality to the piece. And then you have Vagabond who handled the shadows and is responsible for the outstanding background work.

There is so much packed into both sides of the piece – outfits have lots of fun details, there’s a variety of expressions, and the colors are great. But the background has lots of nice little pieces too – check out all of the grafitti and doodles on the stools and the stand itself.

It’s an awesome piece and really invites the imagination. Congratulations and well done Orphen-Sirius & VegabondBastard, your collab piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that will do it for this week! Honestly, there wasn’t as much Valentine’s Day art as I expected. Maybe I was browsing at the wrong times? However, that adorable piece by Kikimochan more than makes up for it.

Perhaps we’ll see some late-comers? We still have one week left in February after all!