Indie farming games are the bread and butter of this portion of TGON. I adore the cutesy feel of these RPG harbors and the simplicity behind the mechanics. That is why when I find something new, I get excited to share them with the world. Harvest Island: Beginnings has a demo out on Steam, and upon download, I knew the community would appreciate this gem.

harvest island: beginnings
Source: Screenshot of Harvest Island: Beginnings

The Story of Harvest Island: Beginnings

In Harvest Islands: Beginnings, players take on the persona of Will, who craves exploration and adventure. The goal is to help Will’s younger sister Samantha catch a raccoon as an offering to this land’s gods. Described as a semi-farming simulator, filled with cuteness, we should be in for a treat.

The Experience

As most young siblings do, the demo began with Will and Samantha bickering about the harvest offering. Samantha is eager to drop off the gift and return home. However, Will is also tasked with collecting coconuts for their father. Once I learned I was able to pick things up; I went buck wild. I hoarded everything, as one does, and quickly found the coconuts.

As I made my way towards Samantha, I sampled a bit of fishing. The controls were easy to figure out as the arrow tapping mini-game began. After catching what the sea had to offer, I found myself at a beautiful altar and a sobbing sister. This is where I learned that Samantha dropped the offering, and the game’s antagonist entered a raccoon. A chase ensued as I attempted to capture the trash panda. Overall, the demo was short-lived; however, I am intrigued.

My Thoughts

In conclusion, Harvest Islands: Beginnings is a unique story that I have yet to experience. There does not appear to be any dramatic backstory behind the characters, and the setting is fun to explore. At first, the ambient music felt a tad ominous, yet peaceful, almost like a lullaby. In the end, the demo gave me a little taste of what Harvest Islands: Beginnings has to offer, and I am excited to see where this story takes Will and Samantha.