Gamers have a lot of things to be grateful for when it comes to all the technological advancements that are happening in the gambling industry. Today, it is possible to interact with a Live Dealer Roulette while playing from the comfort of your house, office, or any location where you enjoy the game online. It is one of the things that contributes to the immense popularity that roulette continues to gain.
While there are numerous variations of the game, there are some that receive more attention from players. Look at examples of some of the most popular roulette games that feature live dealers below.

Live Roulette La Partage

A NetEnt production, this is a title that presents a live dealer, wheel view, racetrack betting, player chat option, and favourite bet options. It is a standard common draw European layout with 37 slots, i.e. 0-36 boxes. Players aim while playing the game is to predict the slot where the ball will land after spinning the wheel.

The MIN/MAX section of the table indicate the lowest and highest wager that you can place while the paytable dictates the payout terms. The La Partage rule means that you will get half your stake back when you place an even money bet and the ball lands on 0.

Live French Roulette Gold

A well-designed casino title, this is one of the games that have an unbelievable backdrop. The game avails all the basic betting opportunities with additional features that thoroughly entertain players. You can take advantage of the Edit Layout button that allows you to create and save eight of your best betting layouts, monitor statistics, or preselect the number of neighbours.

As soon as the wheel stops spinning, a side zoom screen displays the winning number adding a thrilling aspect to the game. It also comes with an autoplay mode that permits you to pick the number of times your stake would be made automatically. Call bets compliment the outside and inside bets. Roulette enthusiasts love this variant because it has a lower house edge than the American and European versions.

Live American Roulette

Another remarkable gambling option where you can have loads of fun playing. There are no complications when it comes to gameplay because the table is very easy to understand. It functions in the same manner as the European Roulette with an additional 00 to the single 0.

You will be placing bets on evens and odds, lows and highs, and individual numbers among many others. While it is mainly a game of chance, some skill will also have to come into play.

It is interesting to note that you have permission to place multiple bets. You can opt to work with a straight up bet, where you bet on one number which will most likely give you the highest payout, or go all out and bet on a series of numbers. The Re-bet button allows you to place a similar bet again.

Live Lighting Roulette

An electrifying version of the popular gambling game, this perfectly blends advanced RNG gameplay with a live roulette. You will not miss any of your favourite bets with this game. It also comes with all the features you love about broadcasted casino games such as a live dealer and a live wheel.
You will also get extra winning chances with additional Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers. The game is designed to deliver exceptional thrills, thanks to its impressive user interface. The beautiful gold and bark art deco environment also adds to its appeal levels.

The game also enables massive multiplayer scalability. It means that you can virtually play this with any amount of players. It does not only source gamers from the broadcasted casino lobby but from texts, emails, and web pages as well. You should also note that this game carries several awards to its name including Product Innovation of the Year in 2018.

Live European Roulette

It’s impossible to complete a list of the most popular live roulette games without mentioning the European variant. The glamorous game has a way of showcasing an authentic casino experience each time you sit down to play. You can be assured of memorable gaming experiences as you talk to the gorgeous dealers, chat with other players at the table, place your wagers, and watch as the wheel spins.
Gamers can also be sure that the games will run smoothly even with slower connection speeds, thanks to the superior quality live stream giving you ample time to place bets before the wheel starts to spin. Here you can also exploit features like Clear Bets, Auto Re-bet, and Re-bet to increase the speed of the game. There is also a display of hot and cold numbers.


Going by the list above, there is no shortage of popular roulette variants with online dealers. You can explore as many as you want trying out new additions to identify the ones that you would like to spend most of your time on.