Video games are one thing that ties a lot of us together. From Call of Duty to Animal Crossing, there is literally something for everyone. However, it can be hard to break out of a genre and find something new, especially if you are like me. As we all know, I like farming RPGs, but this is where the Steam Game Festival comes into play. It allows us to break away from our molds and try something new, from developers we might not know otherwise.

steam game festival
Source: Steam

What is the Steam Game Festival?

The Steam Game Festival runs from February 3rd at 10 am to February 9th at 10 am PST. While there is no complete list of games available, the trailer and Reddit have some insight. These games include Hazel Sky, Fling to the Finish, Black Book, Almighty: Kill Your Gods, The Rift Maker, The Bloodline, and so much more. The genres range from puzzles to RPGs; it appears that there is a diverse pool for everyone! If playing free demos does not float your boat, there are also developer live streams. Viewers can watch developers showcase their work and chat it up about the game they’re making.

My Thoughts

I am late to the game, I had not heard about the Steam Game Festival until I stumbled on a Reddit post on the sub for The Bloodline, and the mystic behind it all is highly intriguing. This feels like an excellent way of bringing the community together and sharing something we are all passionate about, video games. I am delighted to see The Bloodline stream, I have been watching the development of this game for a while now, and it will be exciting to see what the creator has in store! In the end, I am excited to see the unveiling of new titles and see the projects these developers have devoted their time to create.