During the Steam Game Festival back in February, a few games stood out to me. One of which was the action-packed Almighty: Kill Your Gods. I immediately put the game on my Steam Wishlist after viewing the cinematic trailer. When I received an email from Steam about their Early Access period, I signed my husband and me up to join in on the action.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods
Source: Versus Evil

The Plot

The premise of Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a simple one. Destroy all foes that stand before you. Players embody what this land knows as an Alpha. Their goal is to take down Gods, monsters, and demons while simultaneously saving tribe members. This action-packed game allows players to rebuild the Alpha’s homeland with bodies of their enemies, scraping parts and using them as building blocks. It is rated M, which I feel goes without saying; however, this is important to note before running off and ordering it off Steam.

My Experience

I should preface this review by saying my Internet is real spotty. I live in a rural area known for Internet outages frequently. So when my husband and I went in to play co-op, we knew we could be in for a rough ride. However, after lowering the resolution of the game, it was pretty smooth sailing. We slashed through columns, jumped over obstacles with the greatest of ease, and even saved a few townsfolk. The tutorial was easy to follow, and I quickly felt invincible. When we went into co-op mode, it was great to slash through enemies or even run away when the baddies were more powerful than us. Overall, Almighty: Kill Your Gods was a great way to spend an afternoon, and I would be down to play again when the full version is released.

Odds and Ends

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is currently in Early Access on Steam. Players will also conquer their enemies on Playstation 4 and Xbox One; however, no official release date has been announced. All in all, I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a new online multiplayer adventure.