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Zombies Invaded the Arizona Desert in Zedtown

Zombie infestation defeated by adults and their Nerf guns! Zedtown was a smashing success in Arizona.

I never imagined playing with Nerf guns in the 90-degree heat of the Arizona desert would be thrilling. However, Zedtown changed my perspective for the better.

The End
Source: Blaike Trujillo

Pulling into the rocky parking lot, I saw a plethora of individuals dressed in cartoonish Army gear and packing heat-Nerf heat that is. I was amazing at how many people were just as pumped as I was to be playing with a toy created for children. As I stood in line at the Rawhide Western Town and Event Center, I felt a sense of adventure and excitement filled the air. The young man in front of me feared he’d be tagged by a zombie first and threatened to tag his friend the moment he could. This entertaining jargon was displayed by many people, including myself.

Source: Blaike Trujillo

After bag check, I made my way to receive my dog tag. This tag has a QR code that connects to the Zedtown app. It literally is your lifeline, once a Zombie tags you the dog tag is scanned and the app alerts everyone else that you are a zombie.

Capture the Flag
Source: Blaike Trujillo

It was then that the opening ceremony began. Flags of all factions; red, gold, and blue, billowed in the wind while the leaders took turns introducing themselves. The mayor of Zedtown informed us that Rawhide was a safe compound even though Phoenix had been overrun by zombies.

Clan Leader
Source: Blaike Trujillo

Without any warning, the back gate swung open and zombies came swarming in, ready to tag our flesh. Mayhem broke out as people ran away, adrenaline taking over their bodies. As I ran away, I noticed several cell phones thrown about during the panic. It was then I realized, I was no longer playing a game but, rather the game would be playing me.

Source: Zedtown

I ran to my faction base, ran by Warden Steiner, and scanned a mission using the app. Little did I know, I’d never complete it. I spent most of my time running away from The Witch. She is the cunning queen of the zombies and cannot be killed. When I wasn’t running from her, I was pelting other players with my blue darts. This occupied most of my time but, I was happy with it.

Source: Blaike Trujillo

Eventually, few members of Zedtown were left and all factions called for a truce. It was then that I was deceived. Part of my alliance had betrayed me! When one is shot by another player they are to return to their base and evade zombies without shooting them. At this point, we had been running around for about two hours and I was pooped. A beautiful zombie lady approached me at my time of weakness and tagged me.

Source: Blaike Trujillo

After she tagged me I felt reborn. Upon entering the zombie area, I was welcomed by my horde. Everyone was more relaxed and enjoyed hanging out together. This is when I realized, the zombie life was where I was meant to be. The survivors were too intense, and I was excited for the change of pace.

Second in Command
Source: Zedtown

Zedtown was the best way to kick off the summer season in Chandler, Arizona. The highlight of the event was the caring and knowledgeable staff. Our clan’s second in command made sure everyone drank water and even gave tips on evading our enemies. Overall, Zedtown was the most exciting zombie infestation yet, and I look forward to next year.


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