You may recall, way back at the beginning of the season, that the first episode began with a flash forward before hopping back in time. Well we have finally made it to Christmas…. or Fake Christmas as it were – with Sonja on the hunt for Kimmy now that she’s found Kimmy’s scrunchie under Dong’s pillow. I must admit that I am just not feeling the Kimmy and Dong relationship this season. I really enjoyed them together last year, but somehow they’ve lost their spark! I found this episode to be one of the least memorable.

Much of this episode revolves around Kimmy and Dong escaping from Sonja to the Poconos, where they come across an abandoned hotel. They spend most of their time goofing off – dancing, spraying each other with fire extinguishers, riding down the hallway on trolleys – yet when it comes time for them to be intimate, Kimmy’s PTSD returns, and she ends up hitting Dong over the head with a telephone more than once! Add to that Dong’s latex allergy, and Kimmy spends the night in the back of a cop car (arrested for trespassing after calling 911 over Dong’s allergic reaction) rather than fooling around with her married boyfriend. Dong’s run-in with the law means that he will be deported, so they decide to give it one more shot, consummating their relationship in the back of a police car. So… that’s goodbye to Dong? I hope this means that the cute Army Ranger from last episode will come back!

Elsewhere Titus loses his job at the singing diner after being Scrooge for the day. And Jacqueline has her eye on her wealthy but not very attractive attorney. Once a gold-digger always a gold digger? I hope not!

Tell me, were you sad to see Dong go? And what about Jacqueline, is she up to her old tricks? Stick with Game of Nerds every week for our Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt re-caps!