On this episode of The Game of Nerds podcast, we are saying Hello to 2021 with Moby, the other half of the T-Hud Podcast! He was scheduled to join us in the 2020 episode with Leland but was captured by the listener while on a run. Thanks to his recent binge-watch of Cobra Kai, he was able to Kung Fu his way out and phoned in his podcast recording. I apologize for the sound quality in advance, but let’s get down to this episode. Moby and I bond over the learning curve of having a podcast and reflecting on our three years of friendship that started on Craigslist. He’s recently been addicted to the latest Stardew Valley Update.

After the dumpster fire that was last year, we are really looking forward to 2021. We are ready for a new year of television, movies, and games. Both of us agree that we should see a huge influx of new indie content after last year. Moby talks to us about his love of theater and how he understands WB’s decision to release HBO Max and theaters. We even bring up the failure of the Disney+ experiment with Mulan and how they need to plug the trigger with Black Widow already. The discussion turns to tv and how we’ve given up hope with cable. With more streaming services popping up, more people are cutting cable. But it’s soon going to get just as if not more expensive as each platform is set to cost. People are already picking out their favorite platforms. We’ve entered an era of streaming saturation. A prime example, Netflix once was the kingpin for original content. When you go on the platform, there is so much new original content to choose from. You are immediately overloaded. We both agree that we are really over cable. Though, we do love Disney+ and are excited for both the Star Wars and Marvel lineup this year.

Movies, though, on the other hand, are a different story. Since a lot of movies got delayed or pushed back to this year. We are excited about a lot of movies coming this year. But first, once again, let’s bring up the WTF was WB thinking moment of the year with Tom and Jerry. Yes, Tom and Jerry have a movie coming out soon. Space Jam we are all for, but Tom and Jerry is a hard NO from both of us. I talk about my excitement and apprehension about Ghostbusters. I really want a great reboot, and Moby brings up a great point about the cameos not being a stupid one-liner. On the other hand, Moby is excited about one movie and only Top Gun: Maverick. We also bring up Morbius, Bob’s Burgers, and Dune, to name a few.

While I may not be a gaming expert, I did manage to dive into Animal Crossing last year. This year Harvest Moon is set to arrive for the Nintendo Switch. So Moby schools me on the details between Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. I explain how I was conned into buying a Playstation 5 for the Harry Potter game. No one mentioned that the game wasn’t coming out until late this year, and then, of course, after we recorded it was announced, it would be delayed until next year. This gets us started on VR and how we would like to see this gaming community grow this year. Especially with all the new games available. We round it out with a discussion on the fact that Microsoft is failing the Millenials with the fact that they will not be making another Banjo-Kazooie game. You’re telling us that Spyro, Tony Hawk, and Crash Bandicoot can have a reboot but not Banjo Kazooie? This is insanity.

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