If you’re like me and you’ve been living under a rock for the past year (Patrick just makes it look so cozy), then you may have missed out on the plethora of Role Playing Game podcasts. That’s correct, folks, RPG podcasts. Real people playing real tabletop games and recording it for your listening pleasure. The most popular game played is the fifth, and most recent, edition of Dungeons and Dragons. If your ears are intrigued then I’m here to help you navigate your way through this new world.


Image Source: Game Pedler

The first podcast I stumbled upon, and what got me hooked on this genre, is a little podcast called Join The Party. This podcast features Eric, the dungeon master, and our three players: Brandon, Michael, and Amanda. This podcast is unique because the first two episodes feature a noob friendly option. This means that if you’re new to DnD and maybe you don’t quite understand all the lingo, they have got you covered. If you choose to listen to the newbie friendly episodes then throughout the podcast Amanda will pop in to explain things to you. Not quite sure what the heck a perception check is? Amanda’s lovely voice will explain it to you. The characters played in this podcast are also hilarious. Brandon’s TR8c almost always has me in stitches.

Another podcast I have to recommend is The Venture Maidens. This podcast features four women and is a real play podcast, meaning they don’t edit out any of the podcast. It is just them, sitting down, and playing the game. This podcast features dungeon mistress, Celeste, and players: Sage, Naseem, and Brittany. Again, these ladies are hilarious. Sage plays Kara, a barbarian dwarf, and every episode they never fail to make me laugh. They also stream their podcast, so be sure to check that out!

If you’re new to this world and you’re still unsure of where to begin, I urge you to check out RPG Casts. This is a catalog of many of the current RPG podcasts out there. They are also sorted so if you’re looking for an all-female cast, they have you covered. Looking for a cast featuring a PoC or LGBTQIA+? No worries, because they have got that for you, as well.

Tabletop games are experiencing a renaissance and I can’t wait to see what happens next.