Gunshots, screaming, and people running. It’s chaos but no one knows who was shot nor who the shooter is. So, no more Hannah to testify and Annalise has to rethink her course of action. But for now, let’s go to court. Governor Birkhead is on the stands playing the innocent victim and she doesn’t know what is going on. She is just the governor. But after that tape was played if looks could kill, Annalise would have died right then. Hehehe! I am curious as to what Laurel and Tegan are planning without saying words. Laurel has property and it’s worth millions. And this deal will be lucrative for them both. What could it be? A plot against her father?

Frank can’t handle the truth Bonnie told him. He wishes that she would have kept it to herself. But she said that she told him because she didn’t want their to be any secrets between them. This information and rocked him to his core. Sadly, it seems that there is no coming back from this traumatization. He is emotionally broken. Knowing that his father and aunt are his parents. Then looking back over all those years and coming to the realization that Sam used this information against. Treated him like he was pariah and the whole time it was his father who was broken. And his father in turn broke him. With dire consequences. Frank is so messed up behind this information that he leaves Bonnie. You know that is truly unlike him. He will stick around no matter what they go through. But this time he can’t handle it. In response he continues trying to get Annalise off. He tells her that she is basically the only person who has stuck by him even when he makes mistakes.

Nate shocks the hell out of me in these final moments. Even after being offered 20 million by the FBI to lie he still stuck to them all. And helped Annalise in the end. I think that was the best character development of the show. He took responsibility for his actions and did the right thing. And I am not saying that she is innocent, she has done some foul shit to people. But she has never murdered anyone, just tried to keep everyone out of jail. And those same people who she tried to help are now the very ones trying to get her locked up. Connor is now feeling the weight of his actions and he is aware that he is going to jail. He tells Oliver that he won’t let him make his deal for him by lying on the stand about Annalise. This causes a rift between Oliver and Connor and Connor asks for a divorce on the strength that there is too much trauma in their past too move forward. And Annalise’s mom and sister show up to support her.

RIP Cicely Tyson. I loved the power and wisdom that she brought to the show. She injected life into Annalise and made her strong. Even in her last moments, when Annalise thought all hope was lost. Her mother told her that she won’t have to worry, because the decision is in no one else’s but God’s hands. And we listen to Annalise’s closing statement where she comes to terms with some hard truths about herself. Sadly, Frank is still breaking down. All his deeds are weighing him down as he cries in front of his baby brother’s headstone. I think that is the most tragic thing of all. He knew that he killed Annalise’s baby, but he never knew that is was his own brother. He knows that Sam used him for his own gains. And while he was broken up about the death of his son, he hurt Frank further. I guess its safe to say that Hannah had something to do with the death of that baby. But it makes me curious for the version of this show where Sam was honest with Frank about who he really was. And honest about Hannah’s involvement. They could have fought against her as a team.

The verdict is in. Annalise is not guilty. Frank is not in the courtroom when the verdict is read. And now the verdict stabs all of those who tried to stab Annalise. They all look on knowing that they messed up and knowing that they were just trying to save their own asses. What makes this victory so sweet to me, is that through this whole trial NOT ONCE DID ANNALISE USE THE KIDS FOR HER OWN GAIN. NOT ONCE. She won her trial while remaining loyal to them, even when they turned against her. VICTORY IS SWEET. Twice. Connor is taken off to jail, Michaela watches as the gang finally breaks up for good. Oliver pledges his love for Connor and he it taken to jail. Oliver is crying and a mess and his husband leaves and Michaela tries to console him. He shoves her away and with part words tell her it should have been her. She is the one who pushed Sam off the railing. But she tried to have Annalise take the fall for her crimes. Michaela can’t even reach Laurel now and Asher is gone. But she did find her rich dad, so she is rich moneywise. And she has always wanted that.

Gunshots, screaming, and running. Frank shoots the governor as she is leaving court and in turn in shot himself. Laurel jumps in her car and peels off and Frank dies in Bonnie’s arms. While we finally understand what caused the screaming we attend Annalise’s funeral. Franks death is heartbreaking and just an unfair ending to his tragic life. Then to add insult to injury, Bonnie also loses her life as she is hit by the same bullets that killed Frank. She tried to stop him but failed and now her life is forfeit. Both deaths were the saddest ones to me. Both of them having such horrible childhoods and horrible adulthoods, they DESERVED TO BE HAPPY. They didn’t get that happiness and family that they so desperately craved and wouldn’t let anything or anyone stop them from attaining that happiness. But I guess its bittersweet because at least now they won’t have to suffer through the pain anymore and hopefully off somewhere together and happy.

At the funeral we run into a few old friends. Eve, who was Annalise’s first love, Connor and Oliver, and Laurel and Christopher who has grown up to look just like his father. The only absent one is Michaela who now has 2 kids and is being sworn in as a judge. Guess she got what she wanted but at what cost. The show lasts moments, begin much like the first moments. Except this time, its Christopher who is biking to class. But this time he’s not the student, but the teacher.

The End.