On the previous episode of the Umbrella  Academy I was devastated that the innocent Detective Eudora was killed by Cha-Cha in the act of saving Klaus. Not to mention the fact that nobody thought about Klaus since they were too busy chasing five who didn’t even  care enough to inform his family about the assassins who almost killed them to get to him. The drama drags and continues to elevate in this episode “Number Five”. This episode opens up with a scene of five traveling during the end of the world, until he grew elderly with his mannequin figured wife. All of the missing holes in five’s time traveling story finally made sense when a woman from the commission found five and offered him a job to assassinate anyone who was a threat to time alteration. The woman insisted that the end of the world as he knew it is suppose to happen and offered five a five year contract with the ability to retire in any time frame of his choosing. Five had the same job as Hazel and Cha-Cha, but five decided to break his five year contract. During the assignment he had to kill JFK, he decided to formulate a way back in time which brought him back to his father’s funeral in the form of his childhood body. When he decided to break the contract, the woman sent Hazel and Cha-Cha to take him out.

My fustration finally simmered when five told Luther the truth. As much as five wants to carry out his plan on his own, he can’t do it alone and he was the cause of Diego’s friend being murdered. In my last review I mentioned how Diego’s hot headed trait would expand a thousand times more when he found out who and why Eudora was killed. At least I was right about something this time because, Diego wanted to rip five’s head off after hearing the news. Luckily, Luther was there to restrain him from the beating that Diego was going to give him. Diego was also angered by the moments he had to relive his last moments with her in his head. His anger eventually turned into a thirst for revenge and he wouldn’t stop until Hazel and Cha-Cha paid for what they did. I wasn’t expecting Eudora to be off screen so soon, but I’ll admit that this created an interesting plot.

It was unclear what was in the brief case that Klaus stole from the motel room when he escaped, we just know that he disappeared. In this episode we saw Klaus return on the bus, but he was fully clothed and a bit bloody. It turned out that the brief case was Hazel and Cha Cha’s transportation through time and Klaus entered a horrible time. We are use to the pain numbing, funny, and fashionable Klaus who brings the light into every serious situation, but he came back more messed up than before. His after shock alarmed five into to believe that Klaus traveled through time. The only problem was that Klaus, destroyed Hazel and Cha-Cha’s briefcase which was five’s original plan to bargain with them. Diego even suspected that the trauma was a lot deeper due to Klau’s quietness. Klaus wasn’t just tortured from being held captive by the hit-man, he was traumatized by fighting in a war. It explained the sounds he heard in his head, the tears he shed, his blood colored clothing, and the bar fight he had with war vets because they didn’t believe that he was one. I was surprised by the sight of Klaus in a old photo with soldiers. Diego comforted his brother in his time of despair because he too lost a friend like he lost Eudora.

While the boys were on a hunt the girls dug into each other…….again. When Vanya decided to open herself up to Leonard, Alison opened her mouth to inform her that he is too good to be true. Vanya’s disbelief caused the two to get into a disagreement, but Alison made it her mission to find out information about Leonard, but couldn’t find a public record of him. Meanwhile, Vanya is feeling on cloud nine with her Leonard. She even said that she felt better since she stopped taking her medication which made me question the purpose of it. I even noticed how welcoming and happy Vanya is was now that Leonard breathed so much faith into her. For someone like Vanya it’s a different experience when someone shows love, compassion, and faith in her. She even went as far to say that he made her feel special and made Alison out to be a jealous sister.

Don’t worry guys, Alison isn’t crazy. In fact, she was right because during the end of the episode the camera exposed what was lying in Leonard collar while they sucked faces in his living room. The only reason why Vanya had the opportunity to audition for first chair was because Leonard killed the girl that was originally in the first chair. The only reason why Vanya did get first chair is because she stopped taking her medicine which exposed her true powers during her performance! When she played her violin it is was as if she released an invisible force that made everybody notice her. The same force exposed Leonard for the smooth criminal that he is. The brothers was able to get the jump on Hazel and Cha-Cha when they decided to meet up for the “briefcase”. When Klaus and Diego decided roll up and help in a ice cream truck, The Handler made her prescense known to five to offer him another position. This time she offered for five to work as a manager because of his skills. Five took the deal in exchange for his family’s lives since the end of the world is supposed to happen, but when she unfroze time, five was gone…..again.

This episode was juicy! With all of the events that occurred I’m left with a lot questions, especially since Leonard is capable of killing someone. I wonder if he knew all along that she had had powers and if her father knew, but kept her on medication. I have a feeling that Vanya’s power is a lot more stronger than the rest and she could be dangerous. I know you’re probably thinking “what danger can come from a violin?” I think there is a lot more to this force and it could possibly play a part on the day of the end of the world. Maybe Sir. Hagreeves wasn’t trying to isolate her from the family, maybe he was trying to protect the family from her. This doesn’t excuse the fact that he didn’t treat her like a father should treat a daughter, but it can be a clue to why Vanya is experiencing the force for the first time. I also wonder what is going to happen next with Hazel and Cha-Cha since they have failed to complete their assignment and lost the briefcase, which means they are stuck in the present time and those paychecks are gonna look horrible. I enjoy the curiosity that fills my brain, but I can’t wait to watch the next episode. Feel free to leave your thoughts about this episode in the comments and stay tuned for more Umbrella Academy reviews.

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