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We all love watching movies. Sometimes we enjoy it so much that we forget to think about the big awards shows that come every year. Instead of ranking and comparing, we are simply enjoying it. That sounds like a perfect way to have spent 2020.

Now that we are moving into the new year, Oscar nominations are coming up! The nominations are a huge deal! People are already making predictions about who will make the shortlist in different categories. Of course, different countries get to submit movies, so really it is quite an extensive process to come up with the final list.

Let’s go through the likely nominees. Once the final list comes out, you can even bet on who will be the winner! Sites like Canada Sports Betting do a great job of selecting the best places to find entertainment odds.

Nomadland (Searchlight Pictures)

Nomadland was directed by Chloé Zhao and is based on a homonymous non-fiction book by Jessica Bruder. Frances McDormand stars as Fern who travels around the American West as a nomad after losing everything in the Great Depression. 

The movie even stars real-life nomads. This is part of what gave the film its realistic vibe. 

The film has been well-received by critics. At the prestigious Venice Film Festival, it took home the top prize: The Golden Lion. Other awards include the Los Angeles Film Critics Award for Best Director and the Toronto Film Festival’s Peoples Choice Award. 

This movie is a top contender, not only for the nomination but also for actually winning the Best Picture category. Definitely keep your eyes on this big hit and grab any chance you have to see it before the official nominations come in.

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The Trial of the Chicago 7 (Netflix)

This is one of the many films produced by Netflix to be in the running for top awards from the Oscars. Netflix is here to stay for both high- and low-brow entertainment. That much is certain. 

This movie is based on real historical events. In 1968 protestors took to the streets in Chicago and clashed with an infamous police force. The following show-trial has been portrayed across many books and movies, but none have been as successful as this one. 

Andrew Sorkin, the writer from The West Wing, is the director and writer of this critical and popular success. While the charges against the protestors were eventually overturned with an official apology, the story remains riveting. Critics have praised the screenplay, the acting, and the prescient parallels to contemporary legal life. 

This movie will be easy for you to check out. That is the best part of having Netlifx as the owner of the distribution rights. They were able to buy them after a planned theatrical release was squashed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Minari (A24)

A24 has emerged as a powerhouse over the last decade. With hits such as Moonlight and I, Tonya under its belt, it is always a name to watch out for. 

This particular movie is about a Korean family who moves to Arkansas in the 1980s. Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won two large prizes: the US Dramatic Audience Award and the US Dramatic Grand Jury Prize. 

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has 100% positive ratings. In particular, the actors have received wide praise. Youn Yuh-jung won the Best Supporting Actress Award from the Boston Society of Film Critics.  Steven Yeun also won an acting award from the Denver Film Festival. 

This film will be a bit harder to get ahold of. It has been released on a limited basis starting on December 11. Expect to find it at a theater near you almost wherever you are starting February 12, 2021.