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Vulcan is the Roman God of the forge and fire. He is the Roman counterpart to the Greek God Hephaestus and is just as ugly. The stories of both God’s are very close to identical. Unfortunately, Hephaestus is the more well known God. You can find information on both Gods interchangeably. His symbols are fire, the blacksmith’s hammer, and an ax. He is also the reason we have volcanoes and fire.

Vulcan’s parents are Jupiter and Juno. Vulcan was so ugly that when Juno gave birth to him, his appearance startled her so badly that she dropped him off Mount Olympus (See, what did I tell you about Roman and Greek mythology?). She just let him go. When he landed, both his legs broken. They healed but it gave him a permanent limp. His siblings were many given his father’s wandering eye. Some of them are Bacchus, Mars (aka Ares), Minerva (aka Athena), Bellona, Apollo, Hercules, and Diana (aka Artemis). His wife is Venus (aka Aphrodite). His sons are Philammon, Cecrops, Erichthonius, Corynetes, Cercyon, Philottus, and Spinther.

Vulcan (I can say Vulcan is easier to type and spell than Hephaestus), after being thrown away by his mother, was raised happily by the sea nymphs that found him and helped him heal. He learned forging on his own. He created beautiful objects and even made a gorgeous necklace for one of the nymphs that raised him. She proudly wore it to a shindig on Mount Olympus. Juno saw it and wanted something of her own created by the artist. She was amazed that the creator was the son she so callously threw away. His skill made her urge him to return to Olympus. He begrudgingly did so. Once there, Vulcan became the blacksmith of the Gods, creating items of beauty and magic. Among his creations is Pandora’s Box.

Vulcan always struck out with the women. He helped cure his father, Jupiter, of his headache by splitting his head with his ax. Once Vulcan split Jupiter’s head, his sister Minerva popped out. He fell in love with her instantly and she turned him down flat. He finally presented Juno with a gift. It was a beautiful, jewel-encrusted, gold chair. When she sat in it, it trapped her. Jupiter bargained with Vulcan for Juno’s release. He demanded a bride. He won Venus, the most beautiful of the Olympian Gods. She cheated on Vulcan as badly as Jupiter cheated on Juno.

Poor Vulcan. He can’t catch a break. The ladies don’t like him. His wife cheats on him. The other Gods ridicule him. Another God like him is more popular. At least Vulcan has his craft. Would you hang out with him despite his looks? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…