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Athena is an Olympian Goddess. She governs over warfare, household crafts and wisdom. Her mother and father are Zeus and the titaness Metis. She was “born” fully grown and fully decked out from her father’s head after Hephaistos hit Zeus in the head with an axe because he had a headache after swallowing the pregnant Metis whole. (I know they are Goddesses and Gods but how the heck does that happen. Not to mention, how do you not see it coming and get away? It’s a cavern moving toward you.) Because Hephaistos helped bring Athena into being she received the title Hephaistia. Her Roman counterpart is Minerva. Like her sister Artemis, she is a virgin Goddess.

Athena’s symbols are olive trees, owls, snakes, helmets and spears and the Gorgoneion that both she and her father Zeus wear tends to be displayed with them. Because her father is Zeus and is known for loving many women, I am going to spare you the names of her many siblings. She bore no children of her own but when Hephaistos tried to rape her, she literally disappeared. His semen fell to the ground and from it sprang Erichthonius, a serpent. Athena adopted Erichthonius after this. She is the patron Goddess and protectress of Athens.

Athena won the city of Athens against Poseidon for it. They each gave the city a gift. Poseidon struck his trident against a stone and a saltwater spring sprang up. Athena gifted them the first domestic olive tree. Cecrops accepted Athena’s gift. Another tidbit with Cecrops and Athena, she drove his daughters mad by putting her adopted son in a box and gifting him to them. She was a Goddess heroes called on. Heroes such as Jason, Hercules, Perseus and Odysseus all owed Athena thanks for help on their adventures.

Athena isn’t just a benevolent Goddess. She is still someone you don’t want to piss off. Remember what I said about Cecrops’s daughters? She also made Medusa a Gorgon and Arachne into a spider. Well she attempted to make amends with Arachne by turning her into a spider. I don’t understand that one but ok. Not to mention she, Hera and Aphrodite started the Trojan war.

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